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    what up GC, i dont post much but i could really use your help for this one

    i already own a 19 in. straight percless phire but was wondering what my next piece should be

    gong bubbler or another tube?
    as far as bubblers go, ive been eying a LW 6 arm, as well as the n3rd collection on ALT

    ive also been wondering about stemless/fixed stem tubes but ive never even come in contact with one so that would sort of be a blind purchase. what are your experiences with them?

    so what do you guys think? the 200 dollar range for a bubbler is fair and for a tube, im willing to go to around 300

    thanks in advance for any help and i am open to any new suggestions not mentioned above
  2. bubbler... go for a luke wilson, its in your price range
  3. 15 arm luke wilson
  4. What if you were to buy a nice inline ash catcher and sherlock arm? That way you could use it as a bubbler or as an Ash catcher

  5. This. for sure this.
  6. genius^^^^^^^ defiantly do what he just recommended. go on ETSY and look for some inlines there. you'll defiantly get some good deals there

  7. thats a good idea... SSFG would be able to hook you up prolly for under 200 bucks... and his work is quality shit
  8. ah yes this thought crossed my mind when i was back at school
    definitely the best of both worlds

    agreed, SSFG is the shit. which one would you recommend? ive heard good things about showerheads but ive always been fond of inline ashcatchers

  9. There is a company (not remembering right now, maybe syn) that makes an inline that also has like a 5 arm tree perk in it.

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