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What hash making process do you prefer?

  1. ice water extraction

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  2. pollen collector

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  1. I'm contemplating my next grow and I have a few ?s.

    I'm gonna move my grow to a smaller area(4'x4') with a slanted ceiling-something like an attic. I have a 400w Hps and I wanted to use some floros for seedling stage to cut back on heat and electric. There is an exhaust fan available.
    What size/wattage floro should I get? Also, how often do you have to replace HPs bulbs?

    I want to get some seeds from seedsdirect and I'm curious why the same strain ie. white widow is a different price depending on the breeder. Is it the exact same strain or are the cheaper ones poorer quality?

    I need a strain that stays short, compact high yield and super buzz. (soil) I need to know from a person who actually ordered some seeds and grew them-- what strain/breeder should I get? I got about $100 US.

  2. Standard 4' fluoro lamps are 40 watt. Just keep adding more till you get the wattage you want.

    HPS bulbs are the orange street lights you see all over the world. They have a very long life but tend to put out some wacky and incorrect wavelengths as they get older. But a new bulb will last for many many grows.

    Topp44 and Master Kush are some good short compact plants. They are relatively cheap to buy as seeds and kick ass if grown under hydro.

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