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next grow

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Humboldtbuddha, Jul 19, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    here's some Mr. Nice (Sensi) G13 X Hash Plant babies .... 12 clones for next harvest 10 weeks ..yummy cant wait


    here I am potting them Mr. Nice (Sensi) G13 X Hash Plant and some Romulan (Federation) California X [White Whino X White Rhino] and some Sweet Tooth 1.1 (DJ Short & Spice of Life) [Sweet Pink Grapefruit X Dj's Blueberry] X Grapefruit


    So thats 3 of a 8 strain grow other 5 strains yet too arrive are as follows ...... Triple Afghan Slam (Reeferman) Combine 3 Afghani strains , Headband Diesel = [Super Skunk X Sensi Northern Lights] X Chem /dawg , Trainwreck (Woodhorse) Mexican X Colombian X Afghani , Aurora B (Flying Dutchmen) Northern Lights X Skunk #1
    , Jack Herer (Sensi) Skunk #1 X Northern Lights #5 X Haze
    So thats whats up on da menu ... what you all think ? will have 12 of each plant expect to get min of 1/2 elbow off each group ....
  2. hook a brother up with some clones lol...... im kidding but if u did that it would be dank as hell. right now i have 4 plants, about a month old topped and fimmed and they r all hopefully gonna be female. ur clones r a bit better quality then my bagseed, but its the grower not the seeds.... good luck with ur grow man, ill be looking for pics later
  3. Looks good man, you should think about starting a grow journal in the grow journals section, lots of people would love to watch this one. Good luck.
  4. Here you can go down to club and buy clones if you are a 215 patient ... but i believe in self propigation .. nice when you have a ready supply of babies to stick in Octagon

    here some pics of grows here started in last 2 weeks ... all are legal grows under 215 and are for personal use


    octagon 72 plant sites


    20 plant closet grow


    one waiting on babies


    newest octagon in process of being built will hold 96 plants ... this will be 8 strain grow when completed
  5. u have access to all of these plants? sounds like u r set for life...... living it up on a cali mmc. damn i wanna move to cali and chill where the crops grow tall...... in the meantime, i am growing in my stealth box which can easily fit 4-5 plants at one time. i am investing in a clone machine to keep the strain name seeds alive in my time. i have like 5 cali mist seeds, 4 bubbleberry, 11 ice, 6 skunk #1, and a few others. seeing ur grow, it only makes me wish that some day cannabis will be legalized so i can have 75 plants in my basement....... +rep man, keep it coming
  6. Looking good pha sho. Good luck with that DANK later

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