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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by cripes0103, May 19, 2010.

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    So I have been doing a lot of research trying to find a strain that I would like to grow. I am looking for a high potency, high yield, and fairly fast flowering (9 weeks or less) strain with an indica/sativa mix. I will be growing under a 400w htg hps/mh conversion with 92w of cfl's on each side, 1/2 red 1/2 blue in a 1m x 1m closet. I will be growing in 70% FFoF 30% perlite w/ Botanicare veg and bloom nutes and molasses during flowering in 3 gal pots. I'll grow however many plants turn female. If anyone has any suggestions other than the strains I have posted, feel free to post your opinion.

    *EDIT: Right now it seems to be down to Chocolope and The Church, of the two, which would everyone pick?
  2. Anyone have any ideas?
  3. Chocolope for sure. The Sadhu is a close second, Mandala put out some great stuff, good prices too. But I would go Chocolope over that. The stuff is simply amazing smoke, it's actually my next addition.
  4. Thanks! Do you have any idea what potential yield would be for 6 plants under a 400w hps/mh conversion with 184w of cfl side lighting? I'd let them veg to approx 1 foot each.
  5. Really, is that ALL you're looking for? Thats a new one, I don't see many peeps looking for high yield high potency herb. Myself, I like to grow just a few grams of schwag at a time. Don't want to get too big a head. :eek::hello:
  6. LOL:hello:
  7. I'm sorry for trying to help by giving some details. Some people don't have yield or potency as a priority, I am looking for something with a good balance of both and don't want to sacrifice one for the other. But thank you for being so helpful.
  8. So right now it is between Chocolope and The Church. Between those two, which would everyone pick?

  9. Good Lord, did you see the emoticons at the end? It was a joke. I thought all pot smokers had a sense of humor. Well since you don't, all I can say to your reply then is. You are welcome, anytime.

    And for the record, everyone in existence that wants to grow would like High Potency, High Yielding Fast flowering MJ. Find me one person thats not in search of that. :smoke:
  10. I've heard too many bad things about GHS and specifically The Church. I've heard a lot of hermie problems due to shitty genetics. Chocoloupe is hands down the best strain here followed by the Mandala genetics (I recommend Hashberry and Satori from them).

  11. My bad, and no, I didn't see the emoticons because I checked this on my phone, didn't mean to overreact. By the way, I actually ran across a thread the other day where a guy was specifically looking for low potency bud because his girl gets too high, haha. Sorry for the misunderstanding
  12. I found The Church to be very unimpressive. I've sampled it from a couple of dispensaries, both batches were well grown, very pretty and looked like a yielder. But the high just didn't have the good head to it, none of the euphoria and smiles that good weed gets me. It was potent, but it's just kind of stoned feeling, if you will. Also, GH are scam artists who steal other peoples genetics and produce hermaphroditic seeds. Specifically, I've heard that The Church will grow balls at the drop of a hat.

    The Chocolope is just magic though. If you suffer from any sort of depression, then it's the fucking miracle cure. Just instant energy and good vibes, great head space, just fun, happy weed. Easy to grow too, from what I hear.

    I just got some local genetics yesterday. It's White Chocolate (White Rhino x Chocolope). I can't fucking wait for the next 3.5 months to go by, this cross sounds about like my holy grail plant. Got ten beans to germ out today, and then the selection starts, bwahahaha.

  13. I'll take the reject females:D
  14. Quite a drive from Zanzibar, hehe.
  15. Don't know much about the other strains. I am currently growing feminized Chrystal by Nirvana, click on link to check it out. Chrystal is described as a high yielder of potent weed.
  16. One of the guys on here went to Amsterdam and while he was there, sampled as much bud as could to decide what strain he wanted to grow next. I believe he choose chocolope :)

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