next door neighbors smoke?

Discussion in 'General' started by Donnie Brasco, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. So my current dealer can only sell on Mondays and all my other smoking buddies moved. I'm trying to find someone to buy bud from evertime I please. So I know my next door neighbors smoke because my mother used to know them back in the day and she told me lol and I can sometimes smell it from their yard. So they are sort of hippies kind of(but not necessarily) and they grow weed over there so they have unlimited amounts. But the thing is they are old(like in their 50's at least) and I am only 18. Maybe I could stop by their door some time and ask them about it? Or would that be wierd because of the age difference. I will let you no that I am not a ''pothead'' or a ''druggie'' so they don't care about that. But the thing is i've been living in this same house since I was around 5 and they have been there the whole time(i've lost my basketball in their yard when I was little and they gave it back and such). So i've talked to 'em before but I don't know how wierd it would be if I knocked on their door and asked if I could start getting bud from them...... What are your opinions on this? lol let me know what you would do.:smoke:
  2. "Wow, what a great day it is outside, huh? Sure does generate a craving for some... marijuana, doesn't it?"- something along the lines of this I would assume
  3. This is just a guess, but a lot of the older semi "hippy" type growers, if they don't already sell, may be reluctant to begin selling any of their harvest. For various reasons...
    If you're sure they blaze and are comfortable with the idea, it couldn't hurt to offer a session to break the ice and bridge the age gap? That might be less awkward than "hey can I buy pot from you?". Then see where things go .....
  4. Non related to your question.. But did you choose your name because you're watching Donnie Brasco on AMC right now?

    Because I am too. :smoke:
  5. Maybe I will start a conversation with 'em idk.... And yes, when I picked my name I was baked and couldn't think of any other name at the time, but I was watching Donnie Brasco on amc so I picked
  6. Next time their in their backyard hanging out, come outside with a J in your ear, and just strike up a conversation. (Be friendly) Once you break the ice about marijuana, offer them a smoke and try and work your situation into the conversation.
  7. Don't let the age difference hold you back, just start talking to them and then just ask.
    That would be pretty sick to have your hookup live right next door.
  8. Get your weed.. FAST! fuck the age difference, they'll make money while you have buddd

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