Next Door Neighbor Busted Me

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  1. I was smokin in my back yard like i always do, except when im in my car. A little after a bowl im inside getting some food and i get a knock on the door. When i answered my neighbor was like

    "look, i know you smoke weed, i can smell it from my yard."

    and im like

    "uuhh, okayy''

    and hes like

    "i dont want my kids smelling it, their 13 and 14 years old"

    and im like

    ''ok sorry.... my dad doesnt like me smoking in the house.."

    and hes like

    'well just dont smoke so often, please'

    and im like


    and he went back to his house. Where I live the laws are heavily enforced, and lots of people go to jail for 6 months for their first offense, and a seccond offense is like 2 to 5 years. All for under an oz possession.
    I have another old couple that lives behind me a few hundred yards, and their driveway passes my backyard. They have seen me smoking several times, but no cops have ever come or anything. Im not really worried about it, but things like this make me realize i should be more careful. not easy for someone who blazes all day.
  2. grow some fuckin balls and just be stealthy like a ninja.....
  3. Why didn't you have ninja pro on? Should've at least had ghost pro...
  4. Listen cop's and other people consider weed as drug's,and I mean hard drug's,they don't consider it like us.Stop missing around and fucking around in your backyard and be careful.It ain't worth to get jailed for 1+ year's over some weed.
  5. Smoke buddy......
  6. hot box the car
  7. That's nuts...

    Be careful bra
  8. a ninja would not get caught. chuck norris wouldnt have either
  9. Where do you live that you get 6 months prison for your first possession charge? Just drive a block away then smoke.
  10. i cant just post up somewhere and smoke in my car. i got another old car under my carport that i usually smoke in but it got way too hot. and yea since i became a stoner i havent been much of a ninja. fuck it. and i live somewhere between alabama and texas.
  11. Don't cops have better things to do than bust casual weed smokers for a victimless crime? I bet the neighbor's kids are around alot more stoners at school then when there in your hood. Its not like they "know" what weed smells like so what does it matter. So if it didn't smell like weed would he have said something? Sounds like he's a peeping tom, I'd call the cops on his ass. I can't smoke inside my house either but I smoke on the opposite side of my house when I see the neighbor kids. My neighbor is a detective for a local PD, but I live in Cali so I'm lucky. Oh yeah, one suggestion,GET A SMOKE BUDDY!

    Smokebuddy Personal Air Filter
  12. ^ lulz when I was like 16 and smoking in my moms house I stuffed some dryer sheets in a cut off two liter bottle top.. worked alright but it kills the high for me. Its like you gotta be sneaky mang i just like to smoke that shit.
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    Shit is that the answer to smoking inside without getting caught? Fantastic invention
  14. Smoke at night, problem solved.
  15. I actually smoke in the house sometimes, but my neighbor is outside alot. Also i have a really nosy fucking landlord that comes to the back property almost every day. My dad probably wouldnt care about me smoking inside if i told him the landlord was here, cuz he thinks we will get evicted if the landlord knows i smoke weed. And i would rather smoke my pipe than use a vape, also because my headshop is a good 40 minutes away, and it isnt worth the gas. When i roll blunts ill smoke those anywhere cuz it doesnt look as suspicious and the smell is different.

  16. SHOULD NOT HAVE ADMITTED! I would have played dumb and said "lol wut"
    or told him that you smelled pot from HIS kids.
  17. Dude don't smoke dope in your back yard, how fucking heat is that.. You ever smell somebody smoking dope in a neighbourhood? Just saying, you can smell it for a fucking mile. Not smart if it's a heat area, go down the road, to the park, somewhere away from your own place, that's a real good way to get busted brotha!

    Take it easy, get a bit stealthier homesauce!
  18. thats rudickalous were do u live texas?
  19. wait until night time and hot box your car.

    That's what I used to do.

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