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Newtown school shooting, continuation of Colorado theatre shooting?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by katsung47, Dec 29, 2012.

  1. Newtown school shooting, continuation of Colorado theatre shooting?
    All the story came from the media and authority. So far no witness' fieldreport. It is just like "Operation Geronimo". They let"seal" gave different stories which often conflicts each other. Itlooked like they try to kill all witness as possible as they can. Include NancyLanza who might prove something different from official story.
    Have you noticed that Adam Lanza wore a mask?
    Do you know that James Holmes wore gas mask in Colorado theatre shooting?
    Nobody could recognize who actually did the shooting.

  2. I wouldn't be that surprised but at the same time I can't think of who this would benefit
  3. Ever seen the movie Rampage? People snap. It's always the quiet ones
  4. Not you again...
  5. omg man another thread, there have been 200 threads on this already, use the search button. We don't want Pandoras box flooding with this anymore
  6. [quote name='"Tokeup2day"']Ever seen the movie Rampage? People snap. It's always the quiet ones[/quote]

    It's a movie?

    I believe there is more to this story, they're using fall guys to execute certain shadow agendas.

    If you think this is just some whacko then i would say you fail to read between the lines.

    And another thread on this is completely fine. He put out great information,

    Good post op
  7. Yep.... this newtown school shooting is a conspiracy by the government so they ban every single gun from people

  8. Adam Lanza wasn't wearing a bulletproof vest, he was wearing a utility vest.

    Are you claiming that it wasn't Adam Lanza who did the shooting? That someone else killed his mother, then brought him to the school dressed in the same clothes the shooter, who then killed a bunch of children and shot Lanza in the head to make it look like he was the shooter?

    Why in the world does that seem like the most logical scenario?
  9. adam lanza was actually george bush in disguise
  10. It's a conspiracy about a government conspiracy. That way no one will ever know who dropped a deuce in the urinal.
  11. That is the same one who shot JFK, then said it was Oswald who did it.

    That is the same one who pulled down WTC, then said Al Qaeda did it.

    That is some people who have the power to manipulate judge and police.

    Sandy Hook affidavits remain sealed

    John Pirro

    Updated 9:03 pm, Thursday, December 27, 2012

    DANBURY -- A state Superior Court judge said Thursday that search warrantaffidavits for the cars and home of Sandy Hook Elementary School shooter AdamLanza and his mother would stay sealed for another 90 days.

    Re: Sandy Hook - Judge seals police records for 90 days

    The Parents have a Gag order, and a police guard on them.

    The "Responding Officers" are on extended leave.

    The Police chief is making threats against people for talking smak, andgossip.

    The Judge orders to seal records for 90 days?

  12. Newtown False Flag ?

    [ame=]Newtown False Flag ? - YouTube[/ame]

  13. Well that's a nice video with a whole lot of nothing to offer...

    What do they purport it means that the girl didn't hear gunshots?
    That 20 kids weren't killed by gunshots, they were killed by... what...? Oh, it mentions a "drone" below the news helicopter which could very well just be someone's small motorized model plane, but maybe it was a drone that killed 20 kids! Via gun shots! From a drone! Through a building! But that girl apparently didn't hear any gunshots. So it must not have been that.

    Maybe the drone sent target sensing bullets down in to the school, and the bullets flew through an open window and spread out and hit 20 kids because obviously duh.
  14. James Holmes, Aurora shooting suspect, was grad school dropout and loner,say neighbors
    The suspected Colorado movie mass murderer was a loner and a grad schooldropout who described himself last year as “quiet and easy-going” on a rentalapplication.
    By Nancy Dillon In San Diego AND Larry Mcshane / NEW YORK DAILY NEWS

    Holmes, who wore a gas mask and black full-body armor during his attack,was not a military veteran and had no ties to any terrorist groups, officialssaid.

    Ridiculous. Anytime some shit goes down ppl scream CONSPIRACY!!!! Morons.
  15. regarding conspiraciessss colorado maybe, this not so much

    but honestly, I wouldnt put it past our evil government.

    like cmon they obviously want the guns and its gonna take something drastic

    governments play the world like a game of chess
  16. Another coincidence is that 2 Mass Shootings from colorado and connecticut Connected To the Libor Scandal:
  17. Gonna go ahead and call complete bs on that one. No credible sources are saying any of this evidence is true.

    Seems to me to be completely made up.
  18. For you only "WMD in Iraq" and "Bin Laden killed in Operation Geronimo" are truth.

  19. Lovely comeback and all, but he's right. There's been no credible source saying anything of the sort.

    Note how every site that talks about it just says that they "were said to" without even mentioning who said that. One of the first sites that brought it up cited their sources in the financial business who basically said something to the effect of "yeah, that sounds like something that would happen".

    Conspiracy theorists like to call skeptics close-minded, but there's a difference between having an open mind and falling for anything you read on conspiracy websites without any evidence whatsoever.

  20. It doesn't even make any sense, two guys' fathers testify in the same financial scandal, so their sons go on random killing sprees? How does that follow?

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