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  1. This is an interesting question and answer from Newt Gringrich while he was campaigning in FL. Some information there I would have never guessed coming from him, the 1981 bill to provide MMJ to those who might need it.

    Three Republican presidential candidates have shown an openness to handing over control of drugs and medical marijuana to the states. Would you continue the current federal policy making marijuana illegal in all cases or give the states more control?
    I would continue current federal policy, largely because of the confusing signal that steps towards legalization sends to harder drugs.
    I think the California experience is that medical marijuana becomes a joke. It becomes marijuana for any use. You find local doctors who will prescribe it for anybody that walks in.
    Why shouldn't the states have control over this? Why should this be a federal issue?
    Because I think you guarantee that people will cross state lines if it becomes a state-by-state exemption.
    I don't have a comprehensive view. My general belief is that we ought to be much more aggressive about drug policy. And that we should recognize that the Mexican cartels are funded by Americans.
    Expand on what you mean by "aggressive."
    In my mind it means having steeper economic penalties and it means having a willingness to do more drug testing.
    In 1996, you introduced a bill that would have given the death penalty to drug smugglers. Do you still stand by that?
    I think if you are, for example, the leader of a cartel, sure. Look at the level of violence they've done to society. You can either be in the Ron Paul tradition and say there's nothing wrong with heroin and cocaine or you can be in the tradition that says, 'These kind of addictive drugs are terrible, they deprive you of full citizenship and they lead you to a dependency which is antithetical to being an American.' If you're serious about the latter view, then we need to think through a strategy that makes it radically less likely that we're going to have drugs in this country.
    Places like Singapore have been the most successful at doing that. They've been very draconian. And they have communicated with great intention that they intend to stop drugs from coming into their country.
    In 1981, you introduced a bill that would allow marijuana to be used for medical purposes. What has changed?
    What has changed was the number of parents I met with who said they did not want their children to get the signal from the government that it was acceptable behavior and that they were prepared to say as a matter of value that it was better to send a clear signal on no drug use at the risk of inconveniencing some people, than it was to be compassionate toward a small group at the risk of telling a much larger group that it was okay to use the drug.
    It's a change of information. Within a year of my original support of that bill I withdrew it.
    Ron Paul and Barney Frank have introduced a similar bill almost every year since.
    You have to admit, Ron Paul has a coherent position. It's not mine, but it's internally logical.
  2. What an idiot! He's just saying what he thinks will get him elected.

    Right now, the government has marijuana classified in the same schedule as heroin which sends children the message that heroin is no more dangerous than pot. Is this the message he wants to continue sending by denying sick people their medicine?
  3. Yeah too bad the recent poll showed atleast 50% of American's want cannabis legalized. The comment on it wasn't very bright. He is one of those who want to be everyone's parent. Also his comment "was the number of parents I met with who said they did not want their children to get the signal from the government that it was acceptable behavior" is fucking retarded. Parents going to politicians on drug issues is beyond stupid. If you can't teach your children then you shouldn't have children.
  4. Just read this on another site.:mad: Quite disturbing but not surprising. Newt Gingrich seems to think that the government should continue to be a nanny state. That Moral Order should be dealt down from the top. This coming from a guy who's been married too many times to count. Will flip flop on issues based on whose writing his paycheck. And oh did I mention he is the only house speaker to ever be reprimanded for unethical behavior :eek:.

    Hmm.... I smell contradiction:cool:

    Plus he claims hes a republican but supports stomping all over states rights???? Wow I'm ashamed to be an American sometimes!:(

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