News Show For Potheads By Potheads

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by thebeckness, Mar 30, 2006.

  1. hahahahaha! holy fuck they talk like my friends haha!

    that puppet tripped me the fuck out hahaha "smoke it out of a bong if you don't first of all you will set yourself on fire!" or some shit haha omg +rep that was amazing
  2. They have incredibly annoying voices.
  3. And... they aren't actually funny.
  4. what didn't you like about them? did you check out their other videos? some are damn funny even if you don't like the news show. oh well. different strokes for different folks : )
  5. haha i think you have to watch it when youre high
    i'm baked and it all sort of made sense...i think it's just a fungo fonk

  6. What I didn't like was the negativity towards stoners. They weren't making a show that's funny to stoners, they were making fun of stoners. I did watch some of their other videos and they're pretty funny guys (prank calls are good), but I mean, showing stoners like that is no different than them putting on some pink hot pants and making fun of gay people by acting extremely flaming. Funny, perhaps, but not something that in any way helps the already damaged image of people who smoke.
  7. i felt made fun of, didnt really enjoy any of thier movies either.
  8. I concur. Too much overacting.
  9. The link won't work. is anyone else having this problem?
  10. hahahah thats pretty funny
  11. how the hell were they making fun of stoners?
  12. some of their pranks calls were really dumb, actually alot were. Alot were just calling up women and assaulting them...
  13. Maybe it's cause I'm sober, but it just seems like they were trying too hard.
  14. Yep.. i hated it
  15. hahha oh man they says "man" and "dude" just like i do when i'm blazed.. EXACTLY how i say it, and just as often, god damn haha

  16. In the same way as if I made a show called "The Beaners" where a bunch of Mexican's just laid around all day and didn't work and collected money from the government. Or a show called "The Negros" where a bunch of black dudes just stole stuff, delt drugs, and killed people. You see what I'm saying about negative stereotypes? Yeah they can be a good source of comedic material, but it doesn't change that you're basically just making fun of another culture in a negative way.
  17. ^good call. I wasnt impressed. There actually is a show called "Weeds" on showtime about a widowed mom in socal who starts slingin weed after her husband dies to make ends meet. I enjoyed it. It was like 7th heaven with less kids and weed.

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