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    The Labour Party calls for legalization of the cultivation, sale and trafficking in drugs. The party wants to introduce Wietwet which the regulation is controlled. The wietpas, according parliamentarian Lea Bouwmeester overboard and coffee should be replaced by legal weed shops VAT and excise duty pay.

    Bouwmeester afternoon in Maastricht presents a plan for reform of the sector of soft drugs, reports news agency Novum morning. The party has long been in favor of regulation. According to the Labour Party is the current policy crime in the hand and the introduction of the wietpas ensured greater nuisance by (re) sale on the street.

    In a statement on its plan against news agency Novum Architect says:

    "The practice shows that the need for weed and that which is not altered by weed total ban. It is better for the sector to strict supervision. "
    The PvdA wants marijuana and hashish equate tobacco and alcohol. In this way, there must be control over the quality and the government, through taxes to earn. In Wietwet is also at how the crop should be controlled. In addition, a maximum percentage of the active ingredient THC set.

    The target weed shops of the Labour Party are open to anyone over 18, so also for foreigners. Now, in the south of the country banned because wietpas already rolled out and are not only able to apply. The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority should monitor the stores.

    Basically saying cannabis should be taxed and regulated in the same way alcohol and tobacco are regulated so there are no more grey areas the dutch government decide whether to pass this law in the next few days.

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