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  1. The International Antiprohibitionist League, the Transnational Radical Party and Radicali Italiani support the Million Marihuana March

    The IAL, TRP and Radicali Italiani support the Million Marihuana March and invites the readers of the Liafax to participate in the rallies that is promoting and coordinating in dozens of cities.

    "The first Saturday in May, people all around the world will gather to celebrate a plant and to demand freedom", the IAL will participate wherever possible in the marches and urges all those that will receive this message to disseminate our petition to reform the UN Conventions on Drugs and to collect signatures on the appeal that is available at the home page of in several languages.

    Thank you for your continued support and have a sunny and peaceful Million Marihuana March this weekend!

    Once collected, signatures can be sent put on our website with the email address of the signatories or sent to our offices:

    Via di Torre Argentina 76
    I-00186 Roma
    Tel.: +39.06.6897.9334
    Fax: +39.06.6880.5396

    New York
    866 UN Plaza #408
    New York, NY 10017
    Tel.: +1.212.421.6542
    Fax: +1.212.980.1072

    PE-2H262 Rue Wiertz
    Tel.: +
    Fax: +

    Washington, D.C.
    1623 Connecticut Avenue, NW Third Floor
    Washington, DC 20009
    Tel.: +
    Fax: +1.301.986.7815


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    Director: Vincenzo Donvito
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