News from the Feds is this good ???

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by AutoZoom, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. hope so but who knows right,,we'll see in good time.:hello:
  2. at least its a step in the right direction.
  3. that article is everywhere,
    But, all i know is Obama had better stick with what he started when he opened his mouth on mmj.

    Imagine it, he ends up not following through.... everyone will hate em' , call em' a fraud, so on and so forth. His apeal rating will fall, not imeadiatly but surely will. and he can kiss a re-election bye bye. Maybe just maybe. Depending on how much stoners, and pure medical users alike, respect the plant.
  4. I voted for Barack because he was a logical thinker and a problem solver. If he doesn't do somthing during his presidency about the ridiculousness of everything surrounding the cannibas soap opera I will have lost a lot of respect for him. I understand, though, that is is not on the top of his list of things to do right now.
  5. There's news that he's pretty upset about the DEA pretty much ignoring his wishes to stop raids on med mj so shit should be changing soon.
  6. We're getting closer everyday:smoking:
  7. We have alot more important issues for the newly elected presdent than changing marijuana laws. He should be focusing on the ECONOMY, WAR, and saving peoples jobs. When these problems are taken care of, then and then only should marijuana laws and prosecuting people for breaking them be on Barack's mind.

    Although he should appoint a new head of DEA and Drug Czar that shares his views on marijuana, and with that the government agencies may put less pressure on the marijuana commnity . In my opinoin they should take the Billions of taxpayers dollars that is spent on marijuana, and focus it on the harder drugs The ones that actually cause a problem on society, not one that many people use it for its medicinal value.
  8. obama said he does not support DEA raids on clubs. he is changing a few officials in the DEA likely changing their raids on medical dispensaries. i think the laws will change more for decrimilization and more medical but it will never be legalized

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