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Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by martin smith, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Here in NZ where it is illegal to cultivate,possess,smoke cannabis,including all of its derivatives:hash,resin,oil,butter,cookies our government is currently also pushing for new legislation to ban the possession of Kronic and all/any other herbal substitutes as well.So of course you should understand that marijuana cultivation here, is a stealth industry and for the most part, only grown for commercial gain, with a street value of $20 a tinny which fluctuates between .05 and 1 gram depending on who's selling it, its quality and/or its demand.
    Kiwi growers are largely ignorant, being generally too paranoid to tell anyone about what they're doing and though we have Norml here, that's about the limit of literature on the subject although the younger generation will have heard of wikipaedia.Because knowledge is not shared between growers it too is a commodity, all information being valuable.
    Most of my friends are on some sort of benefit, either the dole or sickness and while most of them have children, only some of them can afford a computer and only some of the ones who can, can also afford to have internet access and knowing that Big Brother is watching the airwaves, most kiwis are too scared too even look and they don't know about things like seedbanks, or forums, or even that it's actually legal to grow it in quite a few other places in the world, besides Just Amsterdam.Added to this is the fact that the new generation of kiwi grower has heard somewhere, from someone, who doesn't know enough about what they think they are talking about, that under just a 400 Watt HPS they can have a harvest of saleable weed in just 6 weeks and this coupled with the increased paranoia of having all that smelly pot gets them fast drying it, quick, in the microwave, oven, hot water closet, up in the ceiling, by the heater, or the fire and the result is that the quality has been on a steady decline.
    Growers like myself are a very rare breed in that I don't grow for quantity, but for quality and I consider myself more of a connoisseur, growing only for my own personal use.
    Just recently I cut a single bud off a medijuana mother who was just a couple of weeks from harvest. After just 15 days in the cloning bin, she went straight under a 400 watt hps @ 12/12 resulting in a bonsai plant with one main cola of premo quality taking my future growing to the next level.
  2. Kiwi the fruit?
  3. Kiwifruit (one word) are a fruit that was introduced to NZ as the chinese gooseberry.The Kiwi is a bird native to NZ that is also one of our national icons along with the silver fern, but it is also what us New Zealanders call ourselves.I guess that I just take it for granted that everyone in the rest of the world already knows this stuff.
  4. New Zealand, was there for a month visiting friends and my bro who lives in Whangarei, and no one could get green.

    Sad really cos in some ways NZ is more liberal that Western EU countries, they are in others however even more conservative.

    How you get the seeds in? Don't they check everything?
  5. Me and a cobber watch that border patrol on the telly and like us you'd think no way jose, but get a prezzycard from the post shop, order online, wait between 5-14 days for delivery and hello, there they are in your letterbox. All you need is an email address and of course money.

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