News from Louisiana.

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  1. Read this the other day but now the Baptist Press has come back out supporting prohibition again and they were quiet for so long I was hoping for a change,,,but ol daddy Duke knows whats best for the Baptists I guess.
    I hope LA can get some kind of reform started at least enough to get some discussion in the political campaigns coming up,,as I have said we are in a great position to challenge any candidate running for any office on medical marijuana reform.
    The latest polls put MMJ support at over 80%,,that is in any state which means we can ask any candidate their position on MMJ reform and corner them into either supporting reform or telling 80% of their voters that they know what is best for them,,,with the polls on how many people are happy with the way things are going right now no professional politician is going to refuse 80% of the voters.
    Even Mayers,city councilman and sheriffs can be pinned down on it,,,,SWEET. :smoke:
  2. "Reduced from 20 yrs in prision to 2 years in prision for a third conviction for simple posession" This is Lousiania??? One can go to Bourbon street in New Orleans and get bombarded on alcohol until you problem. Smoke a spliff and get caught a third time...up to 20 years in jail...What a fucked up state. And I thought Arkansas was bad...
  3. We have several colonies of LA heads that moved to E TX to get away from LA pot laws and TX laws suck,,but still a lot better than LA.

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