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  2. The Tea Party is trying hard to disrupt government all over the US with their voter i.d. laws and abortion bans and now secession threats.  Ignorant people are falling for it.  Stupidity at it's finest.  I wonder if these people realize that they will see increases in all their taxes to finance the new state government.  Not to mention the fines and penalties the new government will think up to pad their pockets.   
    If people think this "new state" will allow medical marijuana then they're delusional.  These people are uber-conservative.  The next couple of months are going to be ugly in Colorado. 
  3. These idiots are shining examples of everything that is wrong with this country. We love democracy, Democracy is the best system on the planet....until "the people" vote in someone they don't agree with. (A black man for example)  I am guessing most of these morons who want to sucede skipped class on the day they talked about how a majority of voters gets to make the laws.

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