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    OBAMA broke the back of unions? Really? 'Cause I seem to recall PATCO was in the 80s. Maybe he used the same time machine he used to forge his birth certificate, eh?
    You know what? I'm tired of false equivalence leading to us as a nation making the grave mistake of voting Repub from time to time. If the Democrats aren't perfect, and they ain't, it's largely due to them cherrying out and moving to the right when they lose, rather than taking into account the fact that you're going to win and lose sometimes no matter what, so you might as well stand for what you stand for.
    But to compare them to the Republicans, I'm sorry, does not fly. We can go line by line down the party platforms, lists of accomplishments, lists of public statements, and in the words of the great KRS-One: "It just doesn't matter, you can still get dissed." Look at your list of complaints, floating, and you'll see every complaint you have is a consequence of a compromise to the right or a sop to the right's agenda to gain 'bipartisan bona fides'.
    What you've actually demonstrated is that we need a real progressive in the White House and real progressives in the Capitol, as well as in statehouses across the country.
    Note--the government isn't out of money. That's rhetoric. The gerrymandered House is just using their ability to unilaterally declare the USA in default of its debts to further cause financial ruin and then depend on the clueless and conservative leaning MSM to parcel the blame on 'both sides'.
    And another thing--if we wanted to flood Western Europe with cheap natural gas, we'd sell it to them ourselves. We have centuries of the stuff in the USA. So that conspiracy theory about the reasoning behind possible action in Syria ... no, just no.

    I'm not quite sure how to respond. You seem to have a lot of your facts wrong. Yes, the Syria thing is really shit, but there is WAY more to it than oil.
    I cannot see how Obama's health care legislation "hands s over to the Health Insurance industry? Yes, it could have been harder on the industry but it would have never passed. All-in-all this legislation will help thousand to get health care.
    Yup, there are somethings I wish Obama was doing better. The "War on Drugs" is one of them. We have a very hard system to change.
    So.... you support obama?  Really?
    You act as if he is actually trying.
  4. I see Obama as the best of 2 evils...which is what we get to choose from these days. Romney lost because people realized he is a corporate extremist, if you thought the Citizens United decision was bad (gave corporations the same access to our voting system as citizens) Imagine the runaway system we would have with a corporate gearhead at the wheel. Obama has not risen to the task he presented to voters. In his defence he had very little chance from the git-go with severe opposition from the House and spineless Dems wish-washing their way along in 1/2 assed support. Healthcare...remember the "Public Option"...a system similiar to Medicare the Dems/Obama initially ran on...That was the best  solution to American healthcare but the Reps in a masterful ploy tricked the Dems and Obama into allowing insurance companies to hijack healthcare and then cut and run blaming Dems/Obama for the plan they devised...Masterful, but not very productive for the country. Secede.... go back to grade 8 and read up on how Democracy works ...then get back to me on seceding.
  5. Yeah, look it up. Read more than one analysis that Obama's union-breaking tendencies are in the exact same vein Reagan broke the backs of the unions in the 80's. Obama spared Chicago teacher's union. That was about it. "Sequestration" hit the union ranks hard first and foremost. Benefits and retirement plans have been completely thrown out the window. Surely you noticed?
    I make my statements of "equivalence" largely noting the same corporate donors to both sides of the aisle. You've heard of hedging your bets, right? It's done in war, the economy, and especially political elections by the uber rich. You never "lose" an election if you're rich enough. You've made sure those you need in your pocket to move your agendas forward are in place. The health care law is an excellent example of that. No one wanted it, but we got it anyway. Incredible how agendas can continue to move forward, despite claimed political "gridlock," isn't it? "Progressiveism." And if you don't think we have a progressive in the White House right now?
    Holy cow.
    1937 Emergency Banking Act. Heard of it? Congress is right. We're bankrupt. Have been since 1937.
    Why do you think the U.S. is the World Police to the IMF/UN? We OWE them and we do their unpopular bidding for them. For a long time. The MSM is the mouth piece of information and disinformation for corporations which own it. They aren't "clueless." And their slant most assuredly is not a "conservative" one.
    "WE" the U.S. do not benefit by providing cheap natural gas to Europe, obviously. It's then you should step back and ponder my point about being the whipping boy of the IMF and doing their bidding for them. At the base root of conflicts, every "Arab Spring" nation is either holding large natural gas reserves, or is a strategic pipeline route. Guess where the natural gas from SE Asia is being piped through? Afghanistan. Iraq. (Surprise!)
    Israel is sitting on the largest ones in the region, once they get the Gaza strip totally under their control. Whaddya think they're fighting about and why the U.S. give them our undying support? Religious freedoms? It's about gas and money. And they're using any illegal excuses they want now to wage war and secure these assets. Clinton paved the way for this crap with Kosovo. Every conflict since has used it as it's "legal" justification to bypass the U.N.
    The U.S. is upping domestic oil production. But the natural gas will be saved for our IMF buddies for future use when needed. It's theirs now anyway. We broke. Any continuation of governemt is on the back of money printing and further IMF "IOU's."
    That's OK. When Larry Summers is made Fed Chairman, it will all go much smoother. LOL!
  6. Please tell me what Syria is all about then. VERY interested to hear your take.
    2013: 97% of new job creation is PART TIME. You were saying about this helping people get health care? Do tell...
    they've ALREADY cut everyone's hours so they DON'T have to offer health care in RESPONSE to the "Affordable" care act. The economy is in a hold pattern over it.
  7. Can't argue with this one. First it was the destruction of the pension based workforce. (unless you are a CEO or government employee) Pensions were replaced by a wonderful new system...401k's. An excellent new way for the financial markets to once again steal what should be ours for retirement. A brilliantly devised scheme of fees for services where  the financial institution holding your 401k "retirement account" aquires a sizable % of what should have been yours. Now after the financial system breakdown due of course to clever deception pereptrated on the most fragile of citizens, a massive bailout made acceptable by promises of future job creation, we see they are chipping away at the foundation of our middle class job structure...the 40 hour work week that many workforce laws were based on. Walmart ushered in the new era of tricking people into buying the lowest priced items regardless of the hidden costs, (manufacturing jobs shipped off overseas), under the premise of "creating jobs" here at home as new SuperWalmats mushroomed all over the country. Sadly the jobs created were mostly part time, low paying with no benifits which brilliantly forced our government to foot the bill for Walmart healthcare.
    I understand your frustration and believe me I feel it also. I just may have a somewhat different perspective than you. From my perspective Obama has done a lot to further agendas that I believe in despite the worst opposition of any president in history. 

    For me, it is the system that sucks. Corporations have WAY too much say in our gov., religious interests do also. I remember a time years ago when a strong middle class drove the economy and provided a pathway for those less fortunate to better their lives. Over the past 30 years I have watched as the efforts of the greedy few have destroyed the middle class and used the Religious Right to do so. 

    Obama is a flawed human being, however a lot of what has happened over his administration has empowered those who were formally powerless. He has done this using an incredibly flawed system and unprecedented opposition. Do I like everything the guy has done? No! However, my son now has insurance, I may be actually able to retire before I die because I may be able to afford health insurance after I retire, my niece was able to keep her insurance when she quit her job to work for her husband's contracting company, I will be able to get insurance if I loose my job before I retire even if I have pre-exsisting conditions, gays are now full legal citizens, we may begin to solve the immigration issue, oh - and the Justice Dept. is backing off on pot.

    Not bad in my book.
  9. No. Obama is just in the oval office high as fuck.

    Smoking on the Obama OG or Kush.

    He's more or less like "lol how to POTUS"

    He's trying....I mean..he did that one thing...uhm...OH...being okay with legalization of MJ...
    and...that hide and seek king....Osama...He found him..

    (sorry i'm a bit up there)

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