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  2. I group of crazy Republicans want to secede? Shock! Surprise!
    I hear reports that the sun is going to rise tomorrow as well.
  3. The Republican party members are the oil,textile,pharmaceutical and privately owned prisons.
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    Lol that will never happen. If it did, then kiss every state park in "North Colorado" goodbye. 
  5. Republicans love to harp about how America is #1, Democracy is the best system on the planet...Until the voters vote for someone they dont like. Then it's suceed!!!! Bail out!!!!  Form our own country!!!! What a bunch of friggin morons. After the Reps and the Supreme Court essentially stomped out democracy and put bush in office, right or wrong the Dems sat by and allowed the Reps to attempt to destroy this country. Now Dems won it back...due to the 8 years of Rep-hell and now Reps are whining...Waaaaaaaa!!! We dont like Democracy....Waaaaaa...we want to suceed!  What a sad bunch of individuals.
  6. As long as you include Democrats in that statement, I'll agree with it. 'Cause those same industries are the very ones large enough to control BOTH sides of government. Precisely the problem. It's a political party thing, but it's a CORPORATION thing as well. The corporations have too much power. Too many monopolies. And those political parties are monopolized as well. Founding Fathers saw it long ago.
  7. I could not agree more. As much as I post my dislike of Tea Party/Republican/GOP, I can barely tolerate the Dem party either. Both parties have sold us out. Obama is a perfect example of a man who began his predisential aspirations with noble causes and I do believe good intentions. 6 years into his presidency and he has proven if nothing else even a president is powerless against the incredable strength/influence of the corporate world.
  8. I agree with all except...
    Obama sold out to even become potus.  ffs I just turned 50 and haven't seen
    a REAL potus yet.  REAL meaning not owned.
  9.'s like waiting for 'the chosen one'...
  10. my ass they're against 64... considering more than a 1/3rd of the population of colorado smokes... It's not going to pass, everyone is realizing how safe weed is.
  11. Fuck.... Im moving from this part of the state if they do. 
  12. No arguement there, I was questioning all his early campaign promises. I figured either he was extremely nieve or simply being deceptive.
  13. Of course its not going to pass. These people/groups are sore loser whiners. The only time they love their Democracy is when their guy wins.
  14. Agreed. He said all the right things, and it was mostly about who he supposedly wasn't: G.W. Bush's policies.
    As we see, the power families all play nicely with one another. The "parties" are hijacked totally. It's all about the locus of control on all things wealth creation.
    And when we've been in bankruptcy receivership since 1937 to the IMF, it's just a matter of how and how quickly they will continue to bankrupt the nation. Prohibition is a fine endeavor in this regard.
  15. Obama is certainly not perfect, however IMHO he has done a fair job. If you look at his record, although sometimes unsuccessful, Obama has furthered legislation that followed up on what he said in his campaign. Obama has face unprecedented opposition. Many on the Right proclaim him to be evil, even the Antichrist!
    So far what we have seen is a President who is making a difference for those who are not wealthy and has stood up for the powerless. Yes, he is definitely a part of the system, however I am not sure how you get anything done without trying to reform it.
  16. What would be the capital of South Colorado? The Springs?
  17. Dude. He's ready to bomb the shit out of Syria so that Western Europe can have cheap natural gas in an energy war that could be the start of WWIII.
    Please re-think EVERYTHING you just typed. He's handed us all over to the Health Insurance industry. He's broken the backs of unions. They keep passing emergency legistlation as the government has run out of money and keeps borrowing from the Chinese. (Remember promises 8 years ago to go "line by line" through budgets? LOL!)
    Continued drug war. Bank bailouts. Corporate takeovers.
    It's only in this two party farce of "choice" that one could even say, "well, he's not as bad as the last guy." But even then, really, he is no different, even down to retaining many of the right wing's appointees in many positions.
    Extended that nifty PATRIOT Act, too. What a guy.  :rolleyes:
  19. We are sooo screwed. I wonder if it is too late to learn Chinese?
  20. This will never happen. Its just like Washington State. Eastern Wa is hardcore republican also and has talked about seceding but it'll never happen.

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