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Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by birdy, Sep 17, 2003.

  1. High Boyz'n'Girlz,

    remember my little sprouts which were fert burnt and yellowish a couple of months ago, well on the six babies, two turned out males (strange as I didn't switch to 12/12, but I left them 3 weeks alone...).

    Now, on the remaining (Sue, Serena, Doïna and Donatella) I have cloned them all at least twice each (so i have 8 G1 clones) since the beginning of august.

    I have experimented different sort of trimming and I am right now beginning to do some tying on the G0 mothers. this allows considerable horizontal development.

    i am still working under 5X 4feet (36Watts) fluorescent tubes and I am wondering wether I should buy a 250W HPS.



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  2. ur getting some streach that gonna get a lot worse as the plant gets taller, also the leaves r very dark, making the leaves darker is a trick the plant uses when its in low light.

    i think a 250 wud b a wise move.

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