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Discussion in 'General' started by Superjoint, Dec 23, 2003.


Do oyu think the addition the a smart reform section to the city is??

  1. Excellent idea

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  2. Very bad idea

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  3. I don't know

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  4. It's a good idea but not at the city

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  1. Dear Members,

    We are maybe in the planning to add a smartshop to our assortiment, we are thinknig of ephedra, kava kava, herbal smoke alternatives, energizers, magic mushrooms??? Do you think it's a worthwile addition the city, we are thinking of making a sub section in the shop called "smart-city" .

    Woud you be intrested in such new products or do you think Not?

    let me nkow, your input is very valuable to me!

  2. I think it's a very good idea and you should also consider other things like salvia, syrian rue, and morning glory (if it's legal). Speaking of which you should be very weary of where you send these things and who's buying them. Even if it's legal if you get one dumb kid who buys your drugs and overdoses or does something stupid, you could have a law suit on your hands.

    Oh, and would you be willing to sell some of these things overseas? I believe that salvia and cyrian rue (as well as other shamanic drugs such as ayahuasca) are legal in the US and would probably buy some if given the chance.

    One more thing, i say stay away from the 'herbal smoke alternatives'. 99% of the time it ends up being a bunch of mixed plants on a stick that don't really do anything. Seriously, don't go down that path.

    edit: ayahuasca is illegal in it's mixed form in the united states, it's component ingrediants are quite legal however
  3. Great Idea!

    The local head shop sells mushrooms, everytime I go in there is a massive queue for shrooms, so that is definatly worth lookin into, as for the herbal smoking alternatives, Im not sure about those, I've heard from many people that they have no effect, or it takes lots of it for the effect to take hold. I know people shouldnt compare it to mj, but they do, and if they buy soemthin from your site and they think its a dud, they aren't likely to come back again. :-/
  4. I know if you had salvia I would definately buy some. I doubt you could send us shrooms, but meh. I guess I just have to continute my search locally.

    But salvia= [​IMG]
  5. My local headshop sells shrooms, in england (as far as im aware) they are completely legal until prepared/dried or somethin like that.

  6. 'Tis a pity, but I'm not from England....nor could I get there easily :p
  7. Sorry, i forgot to look at your location :p
  8. Definitely get some shrooms or shroom spore kits or something---I think the kits are legal even in the US. Morning glory and salvia would be great too. Just don't start selling that stupid "legal alternative" shit that doesn't work.

  9. actually hempress... i believe they're legal here until dried as well......:D

    besides.... i mine in some what the same manner......

    and for saliva, its basically worthless unless your using the extracts.... its takes to much time/ lung capacity to make the regular stuff work...... :D

    need any more info hit me up or send a pm... :)
  10. i think its a good idea but whenever i see 'legal high' or anything like that i think its weird. i think its just my mad opinion. shrooms/shroom grow kits are good!
  11. i'd definently buy salvia extract and a shroom spore kit if you sold them. how much is my member discount again? ;) :D
  12. i think that's a good idea,i'd buy some.i also agree with whoopsiedaisy's idea's
  13. yea dont sell the legal alternitives smokes,but instead stuff like shrooms,peyote,morning glorys and all dat
  14. As long as the products are affordable, I'd buy.
  15. if you guys sold a kit witch which to grow shrooms with relative ease, i sure know i would buy it. and if it isn't reusable, i'll buy another. and another. and another. :D those spore kits are legal in the US, aren't they?
  16. These herbal things you speak of have little to no govenment testing(or approval) and are unsafe and uneffective. Don't carry this crap unless you only care about profits(which probably isn't the case since you're asking our opinions)

    Edit: If you sell Ephedra I will stop supporting your site. That product is LETHAL, why the f would you want to sell it????

  17. We will never sell ephedra, because it is lethal indeed, the herbal joints we started selling are very high quality in all the best means ,look sometimes people just can't get MJ in their surroundings, than some kind of alternative can be handy!

  18. I think that selling the shroom kits, or raw, morning glory, salvia, and any other psychoactive, all is a good idea. The herbal shit you could sell anyway, but not many people will buy it, i doubt. It never hurts to have a large selection, the more things there are to choose from to buy, the more shit people will buy. Also, definitely get some ccg bowls, the demand on those is high, and you have none of them at all in the shop.
  19. My last time in Amsterdam, I brought back a hookah and 2 real nice bongs all unused and a mushroom kit. I put it all in one carry on bag. When I got to customs, I opened my bag for them. The only thing they 'confiscated' from me was 2 bags of tulip bulbs. ( Although they looked at my pipes real closely. My shroom kit wassealed, and they didnt even look in the container. I don't think mushrooms are 'illegal' until they are harvested. I have orderd a couple pipes from here, and I would put in an order for a shroom kit also on my next order.
  20. yeah mad good idea, id buy for sure, get those shroom kits up..

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