Newports, Cops and a Grateful Dead concert

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  1. Absolute true story....My brother and I were returning from a Grateful Dead concert at the Iowa State Fairgroundsin the spring of 1973. Needless to say we were experiencing dimensions of stonedness that can only be experienced at a Dead concert. We had rolled a bunch of joints and filled a Newport cigarette package with them so we wouldn't have to screw around rolling at the concert. Anyway after the concert we were heading down the highway when my brother says "Shit!" The highway patrol was lit up right behind us. Of course we were puffing away so my brother eats the joint he's holding and like a dumbass I throw the three remaining joints in the newport pack out the window. This is where it gets crazy, the cop walks up to the window and goes through his routine about speeding, blah blah blah and then gives my brother a speeding ticket. Then he tells us to get out of the car!
    I am sure we are busted when he says..."You two have 5 minutes to pick up all the trash you see between here and the cigarette pack you threw out window" I asked how he knew it was a cigarette pack? He said it bounced off the window of his cruiser and littering was a $500.00 fine. So we scrambled around picking up trash to include the Newport pack which was right there on the side of the road about 100 ft behind the cop car with the three intact joints still inside. We both dumped two armloads of trash in the trunk of the car (the Newport pack was on the bottom of the trash pile). The cop lectured us a little bit longer but became friendly when I told him I was leaving for basic training in July. We drove down the road for an hour before we had the nerve to stop and retrieve the Newport pack from the trunk and light up again
  2. No unmentionables at a dead concert ??????????
  3. "we were experiencing dimensions of stonedness that can only be experienced at a Dead concert"

  4. fuck i wish I could go back in time...

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