newport barter fair.

Discussion in 'General' started by IcedHorror, May 14, 2006.

  1. i went to the newport barter fair and got some mush. he called these hawiian blues.

    lookie and tell me.

    they were fresh and still wet and they felt like worms goin down.

    I ate them and fried nuts, i ate about a whole 8th of these to myself, plus i got them for free, for helping him out.
  2. Newport? Which Newport do you speak of?
  3. newport, north of spokane a ways. in washington
  4. thats awesome. an 1/8 of wet made you trip balls?
  5. Oh. I was thinking Newport, OR, which is a shithole.
  6. yes, when mushrooms are wet and fresh, they are more potent, by a lot... but you can die from too many fresh mushrooms, so be careful everyone. so anyone going to the next barter fair? it's in In Curlew, WA. starting may 19th -21st i am going and whoever else is give me a holler and we will meet up.

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