Newly Planted Seeds

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by DudeGuyMan, Aug 13, 2008.

  1. I just planted 5 Kali Mist seeds (slightly over-germinated, but it shouldn't be a problem) in plastic cups. The Germination 420 guide says to cover the tops of the cups with cling wrap to keep the moisture from escaping.

    I have a 150 watt CFL light that I want to be on the plants the second they pop out of the soil. Will leaving the light on the entire time dry up the soil at all and effect the growth?

    Also, how long does it take for a newly planted seed to come out of the soil? I need to know when to take off the cling wrap. I may not be coming home tonight (it's 10:40 in the morning right now) and I want to know if I should cancel my plans to come home and remove the wrap.
  2. Bump: I really need an answer, I'm leaving on a train in 3 hours, I need to know whether or not I should cancel my plans.
  3. takes a couple of days.

    just put the light on them now it wont hurt.
  4. depends on the strain sometimes a couple days sometimes a week ive planted blueberry seeds and they took a week to sprout but i know why cause when it sprouted it was like an inch tall

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