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  1. So, Ive worked at UPS since I was 18, now 28. Since UPS never drug tests Id basically been high, almost everyday, for the last 10 years. Dont get me wrong, there have been days I havent smoked for whatever reason, but for the most part I think Ive been high 80-90% of those 10 years. 
    I never saw it as a problem since I worked at UPS (a decent union job with benefits) and was able to go to school and receive a bachelors from CSU, found and been with my fiance, traveled the world, lived fairly well, etc etc etc. All while being mostly high. But having graduated this past June, I knew I had to take a break in order to get clean so I could pass drug tests for employment.
    And so, sometime in late July I went to my fav dispensary, picked up an 1/8 and some edibles and lit up for a whole weekend, knowing that Id have to endure sobriety for the foreseeable future til I got a job.
    Which brings me to now, ITS BEEN GREAT! I had honestly forgotten what it was like to be sober. Dont get me wrong, I still love cannabis, but being sober has been great. The first week or so was no  doubt was rough. I couldnt sleep very well, lost my appetite, wasnt very moody but definitely felt bored most of the time. After that initial week though, its been smooth sailing. At first I kind of replaced bud with beer, which I knew is not the way to do it, but it really did help me ease into being weed-free. Id still get the urge here and there, but it wasnt so bad. I felt like my mind was clear, like a fog had lifted, I started hanging out more with my family (Im latino so this means a lot to me) which is something I use to avoid because, well Id rather hit the bong lol. I also felt sharper when talking to people.
    And now that it looks like Ive landed my dream job working for a major clothing brand as a analyst Im having second thoughts on whether to light up soon again. And if I do light up soon, Im promising myself it'll be for weekends, or special days or something, not everyday multiple times a day like I use to. I realize now that smoking like that kind of kills the fun in it, since tolerance builds up quickly.
    Im just ranting, but I want people to know that weed in moderation is great. I think these moments of sobriety between lighting up helps make lighting up ACTUALLY enjoyable, rather than just another habit.
    But thats me.
    I just wanted to share my experience with the community. Again, I'll probably light up again, but this time I think I'll be doing it in moderation.
    Keep the flame going comrades!  :metal:

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  2. Good job man. I'm glad things are workin out for ya. :smoke:
    If you're like me, it's impossible to only smoke occasionally. It's either never, or it's constant. Most people probably aren't as cool as me though. :cool:
  3. LOL man, I used to be like, "I'll never stop smoking" but now that I basically had to stop for a while, its been cool.
    Like  I said in my first post, Im not quitting, but I am definitely toning it down a notch.
    Plus, the next time I do smoke, I can imagine how lifted I'll get lol.
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    I think moderation is the best way to enjoy your bud. You get the most out of it that way, instead of being high all the time, you can enjoy the high more when you do smoke. Until weed is legal here (in alabama there are serious marijuana laws which are heavily enforced), I won't be smoking as much as i used to.
    See and thats fucked up, I dont think weed should be illegal at all. I have a buddy from Oklahoma who says you can get arrested for getting caught smoking a joint!
    Thats not right. 
    Lol yeah man it's totally fucked up, the law is the same here, if not stricter. I know a guy who got locked up for 6 months for having a roach in his ashtray. We are living in the same country, but some states are still 20-30 years behind it seems. Smoking weed in my state is viewed legally the same as smoking meth or crack.
    Yea thats such a waste of state resources. I think they (all state/federal authorities) would be wiser to spend money that is being used on incarcerating and prosecuting weed 'crimes' on providing all USA citizens with universal health coverage (like EU) or better schools or something!!!
    Then again, piggies like easy crime. Dont blame them either, Id rather raid a pot grower than fuck with cartels cooking meth, 
    Cowards lol.
  8. Yeah man, I don't even like talking about the weed laws in my state because it gets me so pissed. Seriously, how can it be legal for some states to allow cancer patients access to medical marijuana, and illegal in other states? I don't get it.
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    Right on. bueno

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