newly acquired blueberry :)

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by ludachris, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. Check this shit out, wasnt clipped too nicely, but this is some of the most potent shit ive ever smoked, along wit some white widow i had last year

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  2. anothe one...

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  3. that looks like some good shit my friend, i hope you enjoy, im a noob smoker.

    only gotten high like twice and it was off some shwag shit. iv only smoked shwag my entire pothead career, i need some REALLY good shit...just once

  4. damn, thats too bad man. but youve only been high a couple times, be patient. i never got dank n shit when i first started smokin because i got it from school usually. Maybe u should look into growing, just a suggestion
  5. nice stuff man. smoke that shit, and if you dont mind NEIGHBOR!
  6. im about to smoke this shit either a fat ass joint, or in the BC vaporiser. ill take a couple tokes for ya
  7. yeah take care, as the blueberry packs a can get wayyyyy stoned on it, may i suggest smoking half a j, and waiting 5-10 minutes before trying the other half, as it creeps up on you, and i've seen a lot whitey on it soooo out..........Sid
  8. its all good, not the first time i smoked blueberry, my guy gets it all the time, and my tolerance is kinda high. smoked a half gram joint like 10 minutes ago, im blazed up ..

  9. thats me everyday hehe,nice weed man toke a few for me im dry as a bone :(

  10. Ooo. But creeper weed is soooooo tight... you smoke a bowl just fine and then its like, SURPRISE!!!...then it's all just wanna sit there with your good buzz on...

    ..good times..

  11. LMAO....i know what you mean, but this one time i bought some weed....(yes i had to buy weed, ashamed to

    and i smoked some, then i had to out to the pub, and go to a club,.........oh it creeped up on me on all right..........while in the pub, and it was like BANG.........paranoia set in BIG, held myself together, found some of my mates, and the night went fine, but i thought to myself afterwards, i'm glad i didn't smoke all of that...........but after a while you get a tolerance to it, so as the above doesn't happen, but it's allways a new experience trying a new weed, and having NO IDEA, what the high's gonna be like, or long long it's gonna out.......Sid
  12. smoke till u drop

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