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Newish to mj what measurements

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by n1ght5had3, Feb 5, 2014.

  1. Hey all so I have not toked in about 2 years and I had weed cake at my bday in may 2 years back but I never made them.

    I was wondering how Much bud I chuck in my cake mix from the local offie the ones on here seem different with extraction and all that too

    How much weed can I use
    How do I make it with the bud in there

    I should again say my tollerance is not exactly high

    Cheers all


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  2. You infuse an oil or fat with the weed. How much depends on how much weed you want per serving. Say you're making a 12 cookies and the recipe calls for 8oz of oil, you infuse the 8oz of oil with however much marijuana you want in a serving.
  3. read the posted directions......all over the internet
    follow the directions...
    eat cake,
    have fun
  4. I would recommend 0.25g per serving. You can always eat two if you need to. Using the example above, you would infuse 3g of bud in 8oz of oil for 12 cookies. That would yield 0.25g of bud per cookie.

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