Newish Bong

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  1. Grabbed this about a month ago from OPM, paid 150 diffused downstem 18 inches tall and this thing's pretty fucking thick too. what do ya think?
    Oh and if anyone can help me find out the brand He told me but i forgot the emblem is an HG with devil horn's and a tail i'll post a pic
  2. nice glass bruh.

    looks solid nd heavy.

  3. nice man looks real thick and stearty. Me personally i dont give a shit about the name brand or the sticker. If it hits good and you enjoy it fuck the name, looks like a nice ass bong to me
  4. Anybody find out the brand ?
  5. Anybody? bump
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    Maybe the G in HG stands for glass, possibly Hercules Glass? My friend once had a Hercules peice which was heavy and thick too.. ( hence the name ) .. Although his didnt have the logo'
  7. at first i thought maybe its was the old HVY logo but i don't think it is, I'm just curious as to what it could be.

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