Newish bong.

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  1. Bought this bong two days ago. Used it about a dozen times now. Hits REAL good. Only gripe is that the ice catcher part is a bit too narrow. I've got to run ice cubes under running water for a few seconds in order to fit them in it.

    Got it for $40 from a local headshop.

    I like it. :D

    Not clean:


    Clean as I can get it now:


    Also picked up some real decent mids for $80 a half ounce. He sells it for $15/g (decent headies are $25/g around here) but I've been buying from him since I was 16 ... almost ten years :smoke:


  2. nice pickup, pretty cool bong too:smoke:
  3. Thanks. Been only able to get dirt the past few weeks and it's nice to be able to smoke again without having to smoke 3+ bowls and to get sleepy as hell 20 minutes later. :smoke:

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