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  1. Picked this up the other day...using it for oil :) Tell me what you think

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  2. i love that dude, whatd it run you?
    i reaaaallly want one.
  3. Nice pickup. A little on the larger side for oils, but its slits and not grids. That's a plus.

    How much did you pick it up for? You going to use a dome setup, or a curve?

    I've wanted a piece like that for a while. I love bent necks.
  4. Sick little piece man, nice pick up.
  5. Nice pick up. Def a oil peice. I like the bigger ones too. I got a micro toro and i rarely use it. I want one your size.
  6. Nice piece. How much did it run ya? Keep tokin it!
  7. Sick
  8. Picked it up for 170 even. Not a bad deal i'd say, I have been looking for something like that for a while. A little oil rip for ya'll

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  9. Holy shit that's a steal

  10. Well thank you, and thanks a lot for the rep I appreciate it. Guy at the head shop said it was locally blown by a pretty big named artist. I don't usually take their word but either way I like it a lot.
  11. Yeah thats a good price, have you hit any flowers outta it or nah?

  12. I did right when I got it for a while, but it is a lot easier to keep it clean just ripping oil out of it. I've got a nice HBG to inhale the flowers :smoke:
  13. thats a GREAT PRICE! enjoy:smoke::smoke:
  14. How did it function? seems like it would be pretty nice for both.

  15. It functioned like a high quality product. Very smooth
  16. Looks like you got a no name vertigo inline for a steal of a price. Nice pick up.
  17. Thanks a lot, I'm really liking it. I do like brand name but it is always nice to see what local pieces a head shop has
  18. Pretty sure everyone starts pretty local at some point

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