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Newest pick up

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by TokeThenSmoke, Aug 12, 2017.

  1. So I got a little over a quarter of this for free. I just packed my first bowl with it two hits in, I'm feeling nothing. This is Franken Fuck, which if I remember correctly is mixed with Alaskan Thunder fuck. Can't bitch since my plug gave it to me in exchange for some work. Anyone else have experience with Franken Fuck? I haven't even found anything on Google about it, so I'm sure it's not very popular. 1502504593631.jpg

  2. You sure its not Some name your plug made up? All I could find on google was this..

    Matanuska Thunder Fuck Strain Information
  3. I know it was a strain my plug kind of created on their own. Wasn't sure if it had been done before and was recognized or not.
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  4. It doesn't even look that great sorry to hate
  5. It's not amazing that's for sure. Can't complain about free though.
  6. Free is the best
  7. It isn't exactly simple to CREATE a unique enough POTENT enough dank strain. Maybe your dealer doesn't know how to grow weed properly or he just made up a name to boost sales. I can grow weed and call it whatever I want...but you may not see anything when you google it...the picture looks decent enough but if u ain't high then it's trash...

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  8. It gets you high...just takes a bit longer than anything I've ever smoked before.

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