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Newest member of my collection! "Chubbler"

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by crasstastic, Oct 2, 2007.

  1. so I just picked this up with a matching stash jar for $175, a bit steep but its soooo cool. the guy said its from a local blower who likes to experiment. this sherlock is a "chubbler" he said, and that orange area has 2 stems. one down stem coming from the bowl up top, and the other one is an upward stem coming from the blue part. its impossible to suck the water through, or for water to pour out the bowl. the water can run out the carb into the bowl, but the not up the stem! its kinda like a perc, and this bad boy hits big and smoooooth!


    the flip side, which is partially transparent, allowing you to see into the chamber (very functional)

    average sized bowl, a little lumpy in form, but its all good. i'd estimate it at about a .6-.75g bowl. its nice and wide, as opposed to being deep. easier to clean that way and get good flame

    here you can faintly see the 2 stems in some like a perc, no?

    gotta break it in ;) :smoke::smoke::smoke:

    [edit]: and since the upstem from the base isn't cut off short there's no risk of too much water short of filling it up to the top, so even breathing/coughing into the piece will do nothing but blow that smoke back in to the chamber (as opposed to shooting out your bowl)
  2. Nice pick-up man.

    I just picked up a chubbler by Toro for my tube.

    The only other time I've seen this design is from Toro, Israel, or the one you posted up.
  3. I like it dude! It looks very original to me.

    I want to add some Toro's to my collection of tubes.
  4. Thats nice, break that sucker in.
  5. nice piece man.
  6. Yup i like that shit too
  7. those are some sweet pieces man, I like the jar
  8. Nice piece but I personally wouldn't buy them both for $175. Is the pipe heavy or pyrex? Looks like it'd break if you dropped it once.
  9. wow that piece looks sick but wtf's a chubbler. im not sure i understood that whole explanation of the two downstems
  10. hey post a better pic of the stash jar.

    perfect spheres are SO visually pleasing to me.
  11. i'll post a better pic of the jar when i get off work. and i know 175 is high, but i had to have it, and i had the money :D

    and DEAF: with a normal bubbler, the bowl has a down stem and the chamber is connected to the rest of the pipe with a hole, much like the carb. its all 1 solid piece of glass. i'm almost certain this piece was made in parts and then fused together. this piece has a downstem from the bowl, and a stem that pops up from the blue wavy part. they're pretty much parralel to each other. instead of having a huge hole for the smoke to leave the chamber from, it has a stem. if it didn't the water would be sitting where the glass makes a sort of U shape.
  12. :hello:

    nice pieces, if I had that much money laying around and didnt have anything else i needed (aka some chrondon) i would have gotten it.
  13. A bit pricey but that's a beautiful piece man.
  14. here's the jar. its got a weird spot you can sort of see in the second and third pictures, and a what looks to be a chip or something. not really worried about it cause its just a jar, the piece is spotless



  15. nice looks good

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