Newest Design: Hippie Poster for School Project

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by neff, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. Well I put this together today realizing that my project is due tommorow and I figure instead of making a poster with paper and glue, I just design it and print it on a big plotter thingy.

    So heres what I came up with...Thoughts?


  2. the top left coner is sickk

  3. Thanks, i divided it up into like events, real hippies, musicians, and drugs
  4. Ok heres some suggestions:

    1. The peace sign in the middle should either have some Gaussian Blur on it or at least a feather edge to blur it a little, the sharpness doesn't look so nice.

    2. The black borders in the middle should also have a feather edge so the edges are blurred and sort of "fade" into the four pictures.

    3. The two peace sign hands on either sides take away from the picture, maybe if you applied A LOT of blur to them to get rid of those sharp edges then they might look good, I don't mean to be a dick.

    4. The "HIPPIES" text doesn't really fit, change the fill to something more like the text above, I think my main problem with the fill is that it doesn't have very much color saturation while the other text and the rest of the picture does.

    Other than that it's amazing bro!

  5. 1. I wanted it to be the main focus of the whole picture

    2.Hmm I could possibly see this, but I dont quite feel like doing it, its sorta to seperate each into their own window. But good thought.

    3. Yeah they are edgy I realised but I dont feel like taking them out really, I might but I wanted those in there somewhere.

    4.I didnt want to be too repetative with that color scheme and wanted something a little different, it looks good on its own but I see what you mean it doesnt fit, but it didnt bother me since its only a school project.

    Thank you though i appreciate all of the criticizm
  6. Well don't get me wrong, it's very good.

  7. No no I didn't take your post as negative at all. I appreciate stuff like that honestly. Thank you very much though!
  8. I like it. I just don't think the peace hand signs on the edge fit too well as previously pointed out. I really like the lower right corner. Morrison, Hendrix, Lennon, and Garcia are great choices and I love the color.

  9. I took the peace signs off the sides actually and I do agree it looks better.
  10. Cool dude
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    set as desktop backround

    I like the corner with the rolls. Ima crop the pic for my backround of just that section and +rep for the awesome poster

  12. Does it fit? I made it actually in 30x20 this is just a smaller version
  13. I really really like the corner so I kinda dicked around with it and came up with this. I wanted to ask for your permission before I use it as a signature because it is your artwork. If you don't want me to use it, it is 100% fine with me and I understand.

    Heres the picture i'd use for my sig, with your approval.


  14. I would be flattered :smoke::eek:
  15. Thanks man I love it. Keep up the good work.!
  16. Looks real good man.

    I haven't been able to mess around with Photoshop or draw a lot recently because of all my work here at school. If I keep seeing collages and drawings like I have in this forum recently though I definitely have to devote more time to it again.

    Looks great,

  17. that is really good +rep
  18. its a good start. it seems a bit discordant to me. i think there might be too many styles: use of photography, manipulated images, computer generated etc. sticking to one style might create more harmony in the composition. its also a bit busy, the focus is unclear, i have no idea what im supposed to look at first or what is the most important statement being made. thats just my opinion.

  19. Its just a Collage of hippie stuff for a school project hahah its not something thats suppose to be a great work of art ya know?

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