newest 3D creation**56K Beware**

Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by mjgarden, Dec 3, 2001.


    damn renderosity and there bandwidth alert!

    it's a work in progress, a big one too. im in the middle of rendering the final image right now, it's at 16%. it'll take about 3 HOURS to finish rendering. i took out a few things and added some things. comments?
  2. Now that is a scenery that i love!
    Very beautiful!
  3. yes.. very nice and peaceful. Beautiful work.
  4. Man I wish I could just lay there for 5 minutes, just to get away from the crazy city!


    Can eat these Shrooms?
  5. three hours aint nuthin dude... i've waited over a week for some of my peices to render single images. and there was this animation i was making once that would have taken just over 2 years to render at PAL resolution. of course i didn't go through with the render like that. ... anyways...

    I love the pic... I've tried to make forrest scapes before but my system always crashes from all the geometry.
    I love the mushrooms, the falling leaves, the shadows from the trees, the horizon & background scenery. I'd love to see a version where its all hazey, light being cast through the trees from up ahead.

    mjgarden are u a pro? or just an amatuer?


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