newer metal halide lamp won't fire up!

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  1. i have 2 MH that is a few weeks old and an older one

    today, i noticed when turning the lights on, the newer of the 2 lamps seemed to initially fire up, but did not get brighter and failed to illuminate (the tungsten filament is sparking blue, so there is some activity in the lamp). the older lamp of the 2 seemed to fire up just fine within minutes.

    what's the deal?
  2. Make sure you don't need an adapter. Sometimes one can twist the lamp just enough to make sproradic contact and get intermitting light form the bulb. If that don't work check the lamp fixture and cord. Or, take it back where you bought them and get a replacement.

  3. what is your power usuage. if you recently added it, you may be overloading the circuit a bit. i have 2 400hps, and i have an old house, so i have to run a cord to another socket in another room if i want to use both, as if they are both plugged in to the same circuit, they fuck up. if you start 1 it will go fine, start the other one it does what the OP said. start em both at the same time, and they just sputter, as above.
  4. i replaced the bulb with a new one and everything seems to be working fine. what's another $25?:cool:

    both bulbs were working fine for the past few weeks since i started my photoperiod.

    i'm hoping this was a faulty bulb and not potential ballast issues. does it sound like fixture/ballast issues? i'm using a dual ballast MH/HPS, 250 watt (not air cooled).

    thanks for all your help, guys!

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