Newcastle blades meet up ( Australia )

Discussion in 'General' started by acidburn373, Mar 20, 2012.

  1. If anyone lives near Newcastle and wants to chill with some blades post in here.

    Already met one today and wanted to know if any other blades wants to meet up in the Newcastle area.
  2. How the fuck was this in general
  3. Which forum's more appropriate?

  4. No it bumped itself
  5. i may be
  6. Sweet message me if you are. :)
  7. Maybe, are you a rapist?
  8. I'm the blade he mentioned in the OP, and I can vouch for him not being a rapist lol.
  9. ;) nope. Willing to meet up now ?

    Might have 4 blades now. And thanks Autechra for the chill afternoon, my shout next time.
  10. its not rape if you enjoyed it :p im still considering fellas so yeah might be a week or two depending on some personal stuff happening then i should be able too.
  11. Sweet, hope you will be able to catch up with us. :smoke:

  12. I was just baked
  13. No worries.

    Lol I thought as much.
  14. When I have cash/buds to put in I will see.

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