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  1. Hello folks,
    This is my first time growing outdoors and having some "issues". I am growing in a mix of potting soil (40%), coco (25%), (20% peat moss) and perlite (15%).

    I live in eastern Ontario. I am growing some critical jack, feminized dinafem seeds.

    I started them (1 cj and 2 c2.0) under 300 watts in a 2x2 growbox. I put the c2.0 out about a week earlier (may 27) than the cj.

    The critical jack is already into early flower and the pistils are browning on the ends.

    I am using GH flora trio drain to waste.

    The critical 2.0 hasn't shown sex yet but were also feminized seeds.

    Any idea what could be causing the early flowering and brown pistils 2-3 months early?

    Thanks in advance


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  2. If you didn't have them on lower light schedules and put them outside, it can easily flower. You can't put indoor plants on a 18/6 schedule straight outside, it will flower. Is this the case?
    As for the browning pistils, did you spray the plant with anything?

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  3. I didnt spray them with anything, and the light schedule was close to on par with the sunlight. I wonder why the other 2 plants didnt flower like this one did

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