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  1. Hello GC, first post here and i have a few questions to ask about growing my own cannabis. i have 5 clones taken from a some what sick white russian plant. The mother plant also had some mold on the stem but none of it was on any of my cuttlings. I am growing them in a grow box that my friend bought online. The clones have been planted but no rooting gel was used. They are on a 24 hour light cycle right now and i dont really see any growth yet. i water them only when the top of the soil isnt moist. ( all guides ive read the main reason why most people kill there plants is they freak out when the plants unhealthy and drown the plant in water trying to save it.) I planted my first clone about 2 weeks ago and it seems to be fine the others its to early to tell.

    Now.. my first question is will my plants be fine without the use of rooting-gel. I mean my reasoning was that people have been doing it before rooting gel was around. two, as winter aprouches will my grow be safe from the winter in a garge? i live in seattle so it gets cold but not like 20 degrees. three, if rooting gel is nessisary to cloning then can i still use the clones i already clipped or am i going to have to take new ones?
    Thanks for the help.
    Please respond!!!!!!
  2. 1. Yes, you can clone without cloning gel. It just takes a little longer.

    2. You will need to come up with a solution for heat. If you have an enclosed grow box, try one of those little electric heaters WITH A THERMOSTAT. They will dry out the air, but at least your plants won't freeze.

    3. Your plants will be just fine without cloning gel. Just keep the soil moist and warm and you should do just fine.

    P.S. Depending on how long you have had them in your soil, you still may be able to remove them and dip them in gel. Also, and I have never tried this so i don't know if it will work, you may be able to add some cloning gel to your water. This could deliver some of the cloning gels enzymes without disturbing the plant.

    Good luck.
  3. Cuttings are different than established plants. If these clones have not rooted they need to be moist but not drowning until roots develop as it's more difficult for them to take on water without a root system.
    I have two that even after 3 weeks have no new growth. I understand it can take a while. You wont know till it's too late if you should have used rooting gel. I don't think it's a must but it helps. I've had better luck using it.

    As for the garage thing, you're gona need heat, the cold is going to stunt it if not kill it.

    I hope someone with more experience than me (that's almost everybody) will chime in an explain the cloning thing a bit better. It took me a few trials to get any to work for me.
  4. Thanks guys i will let you know how the babies are doing. Growing them at a seperate location from where i live so im going to check them tonight. Maybe even take a few pics if i can find a damn camera!!!
    Keep them coming i could use all the help i can get.

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