Newbster here :) Help, I think my plants are dying.

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  1. I have grown these for about a week, I cant figure out with there is slow growth and actually two of the previous ones died already and shrivled up. My main questions are why does one of them have purple stems only at the bottom, there are also grey spots, ive looked through the forums and they soud purple stems and grey spots could be a phosphorus deficiency, but I am not sure. My other one has completely yellow cotyledons and the leaves are somewhat small for 1 week. I am reluctant to put the 26w lights closer because i dont want them to burn. My other question is how do i water sprouts? I feel like using spray bottes doesnt penetrate enough and the light is just soaking it up. Sorry for the tangent thoughts in my questions im kinda faded. But yea any help would be appreciated.

    Any thoughts on my grow set up would be appreciated as well! I am using 8 26 w 1800 lumen 6400k/ 5500k bulbs in a closet that is embedded in my walls. Thanks for your help !

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  2. Your lights are close enough.. And if they are giving any discomfort too your hand that close I would move them back a few inches.. Your plants sound too be overfertilized which they need none of right now and also underwatered (better this than over watered of course)

    Just my two cents..

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