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Newbies: Learn to conserve your stash!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Barely Insane, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. The most essential thing to consider when taking up smoking weed is knowing how to conserve it. Taking it slow on the stash is the best way to enjoy your smoke.

    I guarantee if you follow my instructions, you will enjoy your pot alot more. I fucking guarantee it. :cool:

    Know when you are "high enough"
    Many factors can decide whether you are "high enough", if you are at a party or you have a bunch of friends around, you might want to go on an all out bake session. However, if you are along or just chilling with a few buddies, you might want to think about conserving your stash. Two nicely-rolled J's are more than enough to get a few friends stoned. Or even just a few bowls.
    CORNER YOUR BOWLS. Cornering the bowl is an extremely effective method of conserving a dwindling stash. This is done by treating the bowl as four quarters of a circle and only torching 1 quarter of that for yourself, leaving some tasty green for all your buddies.

    Avoid the moochers.
    This is the worst kind of stoner. Moochers are typically observed as people who hang around little with you (or too much). A moocher will usually never buy their own stash - even if they have the money for it - usually relying on the regular smokers to provide them with their smoke. Now don't get me wrong, it's totally cool to ask a good friend to sort you out once in a while, but don't forget to repay the favour, or you look (and are) a total prick.

    Take t-breaks.
    Now i know alot of people don't want to hear - or even consider this - but it's important to know when to take tolerance breaks.
    Tolerance breaks can last from anywhere between a week to a year and are a great way to improve your enjoyment of the herb. They are also a great money saver and short tolerance breaks can be an excellent way of conserving a dwindling stash. (A nice lump of high-grade hash is a beautiful thing to light up after a week-long tolerance break - trust me i know, i'm chillin after doing that exact thing right this moment).
    If you are a young toker, and i know there are alot of you on here, tolerance breaks are the perfect way to ease suspicion in your parents. If you are spotted with a red tinge in your eyes every day of the week they are bound to come down on you like a ton of fucking bricks.

    Save up your roaches!
    This is a small, but worthwhile, tip. If you don't use rolled up card filters in your joints, or blunts, it is a great idea to save your roaches up in a little bag - the smell of these things can become fairly pungent. When you have enough and you find yourself without a stash or cash, you can roll these little fuckers into a joint or blunt. Although the taste is not the best, you will more than likely get higher this way as the resin from your burned out joints will be abundant, thus leacing you with a beastly j to puff on.

    Know how to roll.
    To many of you out there, this is the MOST important piece of info you should take from this thread. KNOW HOW TO ROLL. I don't care how you do it, ask your friends, ask some smokers in your school/workplace/neighbourhood, look up rolling tutorials on youtube (TheDailySmoker is a great example - This guy is a pro).
    If you are a joint smoker, or if this is your preferred way of smoking, then knowing how to roll that perfect J is essential.
    Particularly if you are rolling a J with hash, as many Irish do, a wizards sleeve full of hash rocks will get you ALOT less high than a 'not-too-tight-not-too-lose' J full of nicely powdered hash. It's the same story with weed, making the joint nicely tightened increases the burn time dramatically, allowing for the bud or hash to be burned through and not just merely charred on the outside. Plus, longer burn times mean more people get tokes :smoke:

    Smoke bowls.
    I have a small confession to make. Being the stubborn, idealistic and cynical person I am, I originally stated in this guide (it was posted in the forum before, but hastily removed by myself) that smoking joints was essential to conserving your stash. Of course, the more people that disagreed with this statement, the more I stuck to my guns. For providing misinformation, I apologize.
    Smoking bowls is without a doubt the way to go if you are looking to conserve a dwindling stockpile. A tightly packed bowl shared with a few friends is a fun, efficient and very, very fast way to getting quite stoned. On your own, it just can't be beaten.
    Remember, corner those bowls :).

    A little tip for you hash smokers out there
    Use a cheese grater with small holes in it to finely grate up your block of hash. You will be astonished at how much you get out of a block by doing this. It also 'powders' the hash, making burns a lot more even.

    If anybody has any more tips on conserving your stash feel free to add them in your replies!

    A final tip- If you haven't heard this tip before, LISTEN. Eat a full, slightly over-ripe mango 30 minutes prior to smoking, TRUST ME, you will notice the difference, and will find yourself far more stoned than usual. Just try it.

    I hope you guys benefit from this guide, these methods really do work!

    -Barely Insane
  2. commen sense , but than again , this is for stoners :smoke:
  3. You couldn't possible have read all that, I posted it literally 2 minutes beforehand.
    How is eating a ripe mango before smoking common sense?

    Also, note how this is in the apprentice tokers forum. Maybe I should change the thread title.
  4. just read the headers and scimmed the details lol

    not hatin or anything , just putin my 2 cents

  5. Lol the fuck? I'll definitely give it a try one day.
  6. This is good.

    I would actually say that these are all things that every smoker should know. These should be considered more as fundamentals if you will.

    One thing I will disagree with is the listing of knowing how to roll a J as a conservative method. For years, I had always tried to stay away from anything rolled when trying to conserve. Rolling usually consumes 1-2 grams per session.

    But in all end, the real way to vanquish the "ending of the stash" problem is to just learn how to grow your own. :bongin:


    To Barely Insane, I appreciate it when people take the time to think of this and neatly put it into words as you have. + Rep Sir.
  7. are you sure that the mangoes help you get higher cause maybe its just psychosomatic
  8. Not bad. +rep.
    EDIT: The facts behind the whole mango thing are pretty solid. Look it up.
  9. To conserve your stash, buy an MFLB


  10. Great guide, and thanks for the do's and don'ts mystery! Common sense, but still helpful.

  11. They have mycrene in them, helps open cannabinoid receptors I think. But it DOES give you a REAL better high.. not placebo.

  12. Maybe I worded it a little bit ambiguously, but what I meant was that IF you are going to roll, make sure you know how to do it properly.

    Thanks for the rep man :)

    Ill edit that bit about rolling when I return from smoking this J :smoke:
  13. #14 iCremateCanabis, Jan 20, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Jan 20, 2011
    guys, google the magoes if you doubt it, it's words of some scientist not OP.

    OP you should add to buy in bulk to save most money, also blunt roaches usually are terrible and make me gag and i'd toss them, now i break them out of the paper before they become stale and air the weed out ontop of a DVD under my bed, then i pack a bowl of it and it's great, seriously.

    also add that grinders are extremely useful, cooking can be good if you have low quality weed and a high tolerance. grinders save any trichs that'd fall off when breaking it down, and eating marijuana gives you 100% of the chemicals compared to 15% from a blunt
  14. I've tried this a few times but could never tell because my buds got me G6 super high anyways. :bongin:
  15. for me i have a a large pipe with a small bowl saves me weed all the time or i use my vape
  16. Great guide man, the mago thing really does increase ur high. This is comon sense to us but i beginner could really find this helpfull.
  17. I went out and bought a Iolite, I think its about the best way to conserve your stash. The other cool thing also, is the vapo'ed weed can be put into food also. Dont throw it out! I put it in cereal, chili, stews, p&b sandwiches just to name a few, even baked goods. Dont dump a heaping table spoon on your food, just sprinkle it over.
  18. Good read. Great job man:smoke:

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