Newbies 2Nd Grow-A Couple Questions About Lights.

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by StayLifted!, May 22, 2013.

  1. Hey everyone,
    I'm trying to start up my second grow after a first (and half assed) attempt. I didn't research enough and of course, I failed my plants.
    I have all the supplies I need, I believe. FFOF soil & trio nutes, PH testing kit, soil testing kit, soil thermometer,  Ph Up & Down, Solo cups for germination, a few 5 gallon containers, and the Dual Spectrum II High Output Fluorescent Light Kit from Stealth Hydro. I'm only planning on growing 1-4 plants at a time right now but i'm not sure if this amount of light is okay for my purposes. I've read all through the grow guides on this forum and others but i'm just having some issues understanding the whole light thing. I do know that more light is always better. I've been looking at a couple other lights and was hoping someone could tell me which is the best for my needs.
    Here's the one I purchased:
    Here's a T5 that i'm seriously considering purchasing to replace the dual spectrum lights: (Are there flowering bulbs i'll need to purchase and if so, can someone give me a link to point me in the right direction?)
    Here's another light that i've been looking at:
    I plan on expanding in the future but i'm on a tight budget right now. I built a room in my garage so I have plenty of space and lots of room for potential. Anything else i'm missing? Thanks a ton in advance and i'm sorry if i'm a huge idiot asking this question after all the reading i've done. 

  2. U can purchase the light fixture from homedepot/lowes for about 10 bucks. Should be able to order CFL from them too.
  3. ^speaking of lowes, im pretty sure they sell small hps setups as well if you wanted to go that route.
  4. Ok, U can not go wrong with HPS/MH setup, mine 600w dimmable. LED's setup are expensive, mine Blackdog-Micro(veg and flower(2 x4 x 72)), and then CFL 2700k and 5600k.

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