Newbies 1st grow - questions on location

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by scaraze, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. I am gonna put out 50 or so Holland hope seeds. I live in Scandinavia and we have good light hours here during the summer. I found 3 spots in a big forest where some trees have been cut down so its semi-forest you can say.

    I think (hope?) there will be enough light for them, or am I mistaken? Should you put them in a no-forest location where they have direct sunlight? Because I was watching Jorge Cervantes on youtube, a guerilla grow, and there were lots of bushes and trees where he grew?

    Please give me some advise.:wave:
  2. Wherever you place them, put them in 5 hours direct sun at least. The sun may hit early, then in mid day, then in late afternoon, hitting more or less the xhole plant.. As long as you get the right amount of direct sun in the end. You'll need at least 4 hours of sun directly hitting (tops of the plant is ok) but better if whole plant is in the sun for 5+ hours. A southern spot has 12 hours in the summer so choose well to not kill them with drought (and tpo avoid as much watering but still get enough sun). Don't choose a spot exposed north either. Spots in tall tree forests don't work unless you have an opening where the sun arcs in the sky. I go for big pricker bushes and medium sized trees on flat elevated areas. If you have less sun, it's not worth it. Avoid big trees (too much shade). It's not the light in your country that's important but the sun directly hitting the spot. Good luck. Choose well / stealth / water spring. Most spots (unless in a shaded forest) will be just fine. Make sure they're hidden especially and tell NO ONE of course.

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