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  1. Hey everyone, been quite a long time since I have been on the Forum!

    So here I am again ready to fully engulf myself as a grower/cultivator back with, technically my second grow as my first never went anywhere. Lots to learn, So we will call this my 1st, Okay

    I really do want to shout out at my peps in Michigan that have made it possible to do this Legally! Totally awesome! THANK YOU. I can now grow with peace of mind and not getting scared off doing it!

    I also love to document my progress too. So I will be posting like crazy! Some stop in and see how things are going!!!! I will have to get you guys up to speed on what I have going! I am a hands on type of guy who likes DIY stuff for the grow....
    So I will show you guys what I started off with!
    Here is a setup out of a clothing Ill post a little every day to get you guys up to speed where I am at.
    More to follow on how I made this setup.....its late...
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  2. Hey guys, sorry I didn't have a chance to get this updated as of date.....I will back feed this post, no worries :)

    I need to know what you all think about the Trichome production here on my girls. I am currently on week 7 day 2 of flowering on my grow. I have been happy with how everything is going but wanted to get some advice as I near my harvest date of August 12 and just wanted some others advice on how the girls are looking and are they right on track with my date.

    Let me know your thoughts, I have no jewlers loop to however, my camera is pretty good... Sorry about the lighting on some of the pics(this is due to my grow lights)
    IMG_20190730_133639913.jpg IMG_20190730_133655515.jpg IMG_20190730_133659920.jpg IMG_20190730_133704625.jpg IMG_20190730_133710804.jpg IMG_20190730_133758339.jpg IMG_20190730_133823055.jpg IMG_20190730_133828315.jpg IMG_20190730_133832557.jpg IMG_20190730_133836539.jpg IMG_20190730_133842782.jpg IMG_20190730_133853828.jpg IMG_20190730_133859388.jpg IMG_20190730_133905785.jpg IMG_20190730_133941071.jpg IMG_20190730_133945249.jpg IMG_20190730_133956740.jpg IMG_20190730_133959999.jpg IMG_20190730_134012073.jpg IMG_20190730_134018022.jpg
  3. Props!! Your plants look great!

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  4. I'm trying to dial in how close to the planned 8wk schedule are they looking...I need to get a loop to get a great view of the trichomes.
  5. Hi mate, what strain are you growing?
  6. This is actually bagweed. I do however, think one could be fruit loop of some sort as its smell is fruity

    I had the seeds saved from some time ago.

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