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  1. Hi Guys

    Could do with some help getting my mates Forum off the ground, if any of you feel free to join please click this

    I am new to this and just set this site up for a friend of mine in return for some growing materials.

    On that note I would like to ask how many plants could I get under 3 600W HIDs with a Multiflow systems and what strains would you guys recommend as a heavy smoke but a quick preoduction?

    Cheers :hello:
  2. white widow perhaps?
  3. Cheers for the info but after reading about WW it seems they take a little longer to produce the end product. Any quicker ones that produce the same power but are shorter to flower.
  4. no white widow takes 9-11 weeks to flower so thats about
    4 months i would go with lowryder on your first grow
    its very small but only takes 2 months to grow because
    it skips veging stage i would go for nirvanas feminized
    ppp its magic good luck

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