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  1. Hi hopper

    I agree,just because someone is new to a board it doesnt make them a newbie.
    From what I have read on some boards by so called experts we should call them newbies
  2. oh shush newbie
  3. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHAHAHAHHA

    ok well see, he is replying to something making fun of the higher people saying they are newbies and not him, BUT, I usually wouldn't find that funny or anything, BUT he made a new thread, when trying to reply saying he not a newb!

    hehe :D

  4. nice friendly way welcoming the "newbs"/newcommers to the site
  5. i'm sorry if i made any newbies mad, theres always someone new coming here you won't be the newbie for long. You might not be a newbie to weed or growing but your new here buddy your a newbie!
  6. Couldnt be better said. =)

  7. hmmm he kind of is but kind of not, lol. Like he is because he just made a new account, but who knows, maybe he knows lots here, or maybe its just another account one guy made for some reason :D

    shud dup, I will stfu now(no need to tell me)
  8. Hi All

    Ok so I hit the wrong box, big deal,I didnt take the piss out of anyone on this board I was talking about bb's In general.
    I dont mind being called a NEWBIE because I know I can walk the walk,it makes me laugh how all you folks come on the board TRYING to find Infomation on how to grow GREAT weed
    but do you really think if someone has the art of growing down to a T they are really going to share their Information with the rest of the world or even have the time to come here to answer your questions.
    Im not saying everyone here doesnt know what their talking about but 95% of people havent a clue how to grow plants.
    So I will give you a little helping hand.
    Over the last 18 years I have studied Marine biology and have been keeping marine animals/corals, most factors for my hobbie/work are the same for growing weed i.e ph levels, tempreture, quality of water, airflow, lighting levels, oxygen etc etc.
    A good friend of mine started to grow some weed in his loft space and decided to ask my opions on how to grow,so I gave him a little advice
    First you MUST use RO water because tap water is just not clean enough, you should also try to create a positive air pressure in the growing room this will help to keep any unwanted bugs from the grow room as they will not like it.
    The ph levels should be as stable as possible around about 5.5 is good and tempreture at 80 degrees is best for fast growth
    A good supply of oxygen in the water is also vital,but dont use air stones in the water like alot of people on this bb will tell you as this creates very little.It is best to use another power head to move the surface of the water as much as possible this will give a much greater oxygen content in the water.
    Dont let the humidity rise above 50%.
    Stability is the key factor, try to keep all parameters as stable as possible and 5onces from an average plant of 3/4ft should be your aim anything less and something is wrong.
    This information is only for all you NEWBIES
  9. ok ukreefer i'm not going to say you don't know whut your talking about... no wait i am ha, you don't know what the FUCK your talking about. hehe sorry.

    "do you really think if someone has the art of growing down to a T they are really going to share their Information with the rest of the world"

    YES THEY WOULD, why not, why keep something to yourself. Just to be a ASS? I say a good 95% of the people on these fourms can grow weed, if they can't there braindead how hard is it really to grow a fuckin WEED. Marijuana is a very easy plant to grow if you keep things simple.

    ok ok ok.... fuck it i don't even want to talk to you anymore.
  10. and hmmm, I am not saying your wrong either, I am auctually defending your post, oh shit, no I'm not!

    Well you said a average plant is 3/4 a foot? WTF! A SOG is even like 2 feet plants.... and 5 ounces for a 3/4 foot tall plant, MY ASS

    Woody has a REALLY good SOG and that makes around 4 lbs all together here a few pics of what all totals 4 lbs. if it was 5 o's per plant per 3/4 foot. Say it a 3/4 plant and 5 o's from one plant, even though its 2 feet. That would be like 12 plants, 12 x 5 = 60. then 60 o's divided by 16(1 lb) = 3.75 lbs. Which is auctually what this grow was closer too.

    so your saying 12 plants that are 3/4 tall is 3.75 lbs? wrong! check these pics that make 3.75 to learn some shit.....
  11. that under 4 lbs sir

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  12. same, but bagged

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  13. ummm sorry if I am wrong, but pretty damn sure the average plant isnt 3/4' tall! And give 5 ounces!!!
  14. ummm sorry if I am wrong, but pretty damn sure the average plant isnt 3/4' tall! And give 5 ounces!!!

    ill feel like a dumb ass if I am wrong some how :( but would make me very happy!
  15. haha hehe i don't know whut i'm laughing at

    you said you dont wont to talk anymore why post 6 more threads then
    When I gave my figures it was just an example for people to go by,I said a plant of an average size 3to4ft should yield at least 5onces per plant (at least hopefully more)
    anyone can pull pictures of the net
    So ok woody is one of the 5% of people that can grow and yes it is very very simple to grow weed I agree
    You are probably the kind of person that goes to Amsterdam and buys weed from the coffe shops and pays over the top for an aveage/shit weed were as I go to Amsterdam pay half the price you pay from the same coffe shop but my bag comes from a different cupboard where they keep the best shit for the people that live there or know the score,so next time you smoke your joint just think of me smoking on TOP quality SKUNK where as you are smoking average probably shit weed.
    I await you comments

    See ya
  17. hmmm, well a "average" 3 foot - 4 foot plant I don't think produces 5+ ounces on average, someone(besides that one guy) let me know if I am wrong...

    Lol, about prices, man not to breg or nothing but 2 nights ago I was picking up some "shwag" from one of my guys(went up to FL for it). And he is selling be by QP(quarter pound). I get 4 o's for $70, well that was sets, I got a few. But I'd like too see you get 4 o's for $70, at first I was shittin in my pants thinking this dude was bull shit and was a cop. Or it was some super fake shit with a bunch of crap in it. Untill when I walked in, I wasn't going to refer to the correct word, I was always gonna say, bud, pot, mary jane, candy, shit, just lil crap that I would know he would know what I am saying and if he asks what do I mean then I would say fuck you and walk out. But I walk in, he leads me to the back, I was safe cause I was clean and didn't say anything so if cops there I am good, if a bunch of dudes gonna jump me then that's that, I will be back or have em blown up(life is good with resources for basically anything). So I am in the back and its bright as fuck, it's his growing room, one of his growing rooms. He takes a plant down in his place where he had them hanging to dry and then a little bit later he was getting bud off and bagging it up and I went away a happy mutha fukka. So don't try to say I get weed for high ass prices and you can get for less.

    And btw, I buy shwag to sell and occassionally smoke, wanna try to stay a little bit clean, its a good thing when your doing big stuff. (not exactly saying I am a big timmer or nothing). So I buy shwag to sell, and then I buy verious strians to smoke and give to my close friends. All veries what shit I am buying when it comes to northern lights, white widows, orange bud, king, and all that...
  18. i hate posting stupid ass messages like that but it's your answer so whatever. I am not bregging at all, I hate that sort of message being offtopic and somewhat "bregging"
  19. i'm poor i look for the cheapest pot around, theres nothing else i can fucking do but quit.

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