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  1. Ok i'm new to growing and this will be my first grow i usually post on the other fourms but i'll probly be on this one more do to the fact that i'm growing but got a few questions i cut sum alumium cans in half and put sum potting soil in those to start my plants in, are alumium cans safe for plants or does it harm them? just wondering. well i attached a pic, can ya tell me if it's a good set up to start with i'm gonna start them inside and move them outside when they get old enough, well just give me all the advice possible, thanx.

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  2. the aluminum will not harm the plants,,,but,,,metal containers are not very good for growing. The soil will dry and shrink very rapidly starting where it meets the metal,,this will dry and stunt roots. Aluminum cans are very small in diameter and thin,unless tenderly handled,,each time you move or pick up can,, it flexes too much and can break up/crack soil allowing to much dry air. Plastic pots are very cheap..

    Have you germinated them before placing in the soil,or are you hopefull they germinate in the soil?

    It seems the setup will support seedlings.

    good luck....peace

  3. Hey peeps whats up well yeah i germinated the seeds and i got 4 sprots overnight, i woke up and checked them i was so freaking happy, but i plan to move them to larger contaniers when they get bigger oh yeah i forgot to mention to yall i'm on a limited budget so any advice in growing would help, thanx!

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  4. If you are on a limited budget (i know how it is) go to Lowe's or Home Depot and pick yourself up some 5 or 7 gallon pots. I picked up 3, 7gallon pots and it was about $14. They are perfect. I have them in a rubbermaid storage container so any excess water will just collect in that and I can empty it out. Good luck on your first grow. After about 2 months of slacking off I finally got my medical garden going today. Hopefully we'll both have some nice plants. How many watts is your light btw?

  5. it's only 15 watts i plan to add 2 more which will be 45 watts which should get them big and strong enough to go outside i live in GA. and we have long hot summer days, but should i still harden them off just to be safe?

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  6. actually you're going to need more light. If you can afford it try to get a 250watt light. If not you'll want to have the light about 4-6 inches away from your plants (I'm assuming you are using uv lights) . If you're looking for a cheap light diamond lighting supply has quality products and good pricing. I paid about $220 for my 400mh. Last I checked they had 250w (including ballast and hood) for $139. They don't have a website yet but if you want private message me and I'll give you their number. I don't know how this forum is about posting information like that.

    ps. Where in Georgia you at? My family owns property in middle Georgia. Beautiful area, but HUMID in the summer.
  7. If you don't have holes poked in the bottom of those cans, your roots are going to get waterlogged and drowned quick.

    As far as moving them outside, the weather is just right in Georgia now to start moving them outside and getting them used to the conditions. By May 1st, you better start getting them in the ground before all the rain dries up in June and July. It will be a bitch to have to drag water to them then if their roots aren't fully established.

  8. Right on BPP....I'm in kinda the same boat here for moving the,, for outdoor clones..


    To do what you intend...get ready for outdoor. Can't you use a few 4 foot flourescents at 40w per tube,,instead of the little 15watters(sorry I missed that was a desk You would do better...


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