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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Norco61, Feb 26, 2004.

  1. hi, my name is ***** and im from louisiana. i have just started smoking since a week after chrismas. I dont want to be the noob and i want to sucessfully grow White Widow. Please message me with any advice on where to grow it, how to grow it, how to keep it hidden from parents, and how to make the plant into the weed we all love to smoke. I am single, and this may sound cheezy, being that this is on a web, but any girls, i dont care where u live, im me or email me, id like to open this experience to new levels to meet new people and conversate. Til next time, peace

    lata playas
  2. Welcome to the City, *****. I don't know much about growing, so I can't help you there. About the smell, yet again, can't help ya. Hidden from parents.. don't grow it at your home, only thing I can suggest. But yea, welcome to the City again.
  3. welcome to the site, as for growing, you'll need to do your homework first before you can receive good help........try the growguide under this post it'll help you...........Peace out...........Sid

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