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    Thanks for any tips
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  2. Can't see your pictures for some reason only shows the links

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  3. Same here

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  4. Those are cotelydon leaves. They will naturally fall off once their nutrients have been used up.

    Also, those seedlings are way too close to each other. Need to be separated soon, or they will be much harder to later. IMO
  5. Your soil looks very wet so I'm guessing it's from that. What soil are you using? It might be too strong.

    How come you have two plant an inch apart? Isn't that going to become problematic when they're fully grown?

    Also, try not to wet your plant when watering, wetting the leaves causes problems and offers no benefit
  7. I just got done watering them and this is my first time growing so 2 seeds got put in that one and at that point couldn't separate them
  8. I know I just don't know how to go about separating them now they were put in there together at germination stage so there roots are interwined already
  9. Looks fine to me, but you really should water seedlings with a spray bottle and avoid spraying the leaves, just keep the soil damp- not wet and let the soil become near dry between waterings. The number one mistake is over-watering. Also don’t water the edges of your soil it’s not going to get absorbed by your plants yet because they are so small. Less water more often is great for seedlings.
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