Newbie Yellow Seedling Spots

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  1. I'm very new to indoor gardening, I'll take any help I can get! I plan on transplanting these in a super soil I have cooking right now

    I've got 3 Gelat.OG seedlings that sprouted in solo cups on the 30th if June (just over a week). They are in Happy Frog soil, under a 2ft 4 bulb T5 fixture with powerVeg blue and white bulbs @ 12" above plants on 20/4 light schedule. I had been watering with about a teaspoon of RO water per day and they were doing just fine. I recently waited 2 days to let soil dry most the way out then watered till run off with a light compost tea I made with earthworm castings and very little molasses @ 6.5pH (guessing that's where I F'd up). My temps are between 75-82 and Rh 45-55%. I am now seeing some yellow spots form on 2 of my plants. I have also been placing clear cups over the top every once in a while to up the humidity for a bit. When I take the clear cups off there is sometimes a little moisture on leaves. Thinking that could lead to a little burn?

    Is this:
    A. light burn
    B. Nutrient issue
    C. Temp or humidity
    D. A newbie worrying too much and needing to just let it do the damn thing?

    Thank you guys & GOOO USA WOMEN SOCCER!!!! 20190707_092714.jpg 20190707_092718.jpg 20190707_092653.jpg
  2. Looking good, probably light burn. No need for nutes yet.
    Let her get a few nodes up before anything but water.
    Subbed in-good to see another another northern Mexico resident lol
  3. Hahaha, hell yeah! Thank you Canibis! I needed to hear that. I'll keep ya updated!
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  4. No problem. It's easy to over do the feeds on first run. Don't worry, the plant will tell you what its needing.
    Nutes will be minimal until you flip her
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  5. Anyone tried using Urb Natural? I'm about to try it out on 2 of my 3 seedlings. Gets crazy good ratings on Amazon. 1562638884235.jpg
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  6. I haven't tried it, but I know that anything with humic or fulvic acid can definitely increase the vigor of your plants.
    Post pics, let us know what you think.
    It should make a good foliar spray for during veg.
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  7. Coolio, thank you for your input man! I'll start my little test tonight and have some pictures up soon.

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