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  1. Me and my buddy were ganna start to grow indoors. And i was wonder what would be sum good starter strains. And what kinda soils and lighting i should use and where to purchase everything i need

    I was thinking about getting AK47 and lowryder2?? are these good chocies for a beginner? what would everyone recommend??

    and i was thinking about going with just 1 1000watt HPS

    dont no what soils yet??

    plz give me as much feedback as everyone can it would be appreciated!!

  2. here's what i use i am on my 2nd grow its a steep learning curve from the start
    but this should help you.

    "budget soil" lol any grow bag will do long as its ph nutral and not full of crap (slow releasing ferts)
    "white widow feminized seeds" no point wasting time growing it to get males
    "600 watt hps with grow lux bulb" pritty decent for both veg and flowering
    "12'' ruckinefan" no need to buy this big but u will def need an air outlet to control temp (70-90F is optimal)
    "4'' outside line" normal 4'' tubing taped to the window for fresh air supply (not needed but nice)
    "digital ph reader" looks like a trunchion thingy very accurate
    "ph meter calbration fuild" ph 4 and 7
    "water ph tester kit" cheap and u will need a backup tester just in case or for 2nd option
    "perlite" helps oxygenize the soil (optional)
    "vermicule" hold nutes in the soil (optional) - personaly i like pure soil cuz u get more nute per sq inch also more soil will hold ur plant longer b4 it starts to mess up
    "ph up & ph down solutions" get water based stuff this helps u correct ur water to 6.5-6.8 ph (let tap water stand for 1-2 days b4 use)
    OPTIMAL PH FOR SOIL IS 6.5-6.8 (consult ph flushing thread in sick plants section)
    "desk fan" constant air flow on new and growing plants helps strengthen stems allround plant strength"
    "humidity reader" helps u regulate humid in g/r 50-70% are optimal
    "timer for lights and elecrtical equipment" helps u regulate shut off times for flowring period and dark periods in veg ( i use 24 hour constant light for veg *optional* )
    "BioGrow" water based veg fert
    "BioBloom" water based flowering fert (lowers ph in water)

    Make sure no light leaks in while they r in flowring stage (during dark)

    Everything u see on this "can" be purchased online from ebay good way to get equip to ur place without goin and showing face cept for heavy low price items

    Also used lighting and equip can be bought at very resonable prices

    hope that helps GL

    -DeN- :cool:
  3. Northern Lights is a very good starter strain indoor grow. Very potent, stays relatively low, it's pretty hardy and some phenotypes have very low odor.
  4. forgot to mention,,,

    "Trip switch plug" incase ur setup messes up while ur not at home this will trip the circuits and prevent a house fire!!!


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