newbie with moderate growin skills.

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  1. Hello everyone Im kinda new to GC and I have been researching on how to grow some dank for quite a while now. I am from D-town the mile high city and Im hoping to meet new people, make a few friends and showcase my grows and learn some new tricks. BTW heres a couple of pics ive attached of my first ever grow from some bagseed.:D

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  2. looks good..wat kind kind of smoke was i?reggie?mid?iv always wondered how good the final product would be if u used some regular good reggie
  3. The smoke was some mid's and I germinated six seeds in some wet paper towels, and grew the seedlings in soil for about 3 weeks before transplanting to hydro. Later I found 3 males and a hermie which left two girls. Im starting week three of flower and its amazing watching these two grow, ive smoked a good amount of some dank bud but I have never actually witnessed an actual plant grow and I have to say for being a weed MJ is the most beautifull plant I have ever seen in person .:smoking:
  4. fuck yeah it is man, we need to just have them in our front yard for decoration. and the real good ones inside our closets.. thats the way the world should be
  5. lol..hell yeah...wat kind of lights are u using?and how much do u expect?

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