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Newbie with lots of questions! Help plz :)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lizziek, May 4, 2011.

  1. I'm sure you get plenty of posts like this on here, but I have some specific questions that I really need answered.

    Basically, I've never smoked ever. Not even cigarettes. My friend wants to take me to a party this weekend where I'll have the opportunity to smoke weed, but I'm not sure if I should. I've read all these things on the net about people having anxiety attacks, vomiting, reacting badly, etc. I want to start off slowly since I don't want any of those reactions. I'm not sure what kinds of weed will be available, but what would you guys suggest to a newbie like myself? (assuming I'll have a choice when I get there)

    Also, I hear conflicting things about drinking and smoking at the same time. Some people say it'll really f*** me up, and others say it'll help me enjoy the experience better.

    Anywho, the bottom line is, I really need some tips. I'll be smoking with people I barely know/don't know at all (who are all pretty experienced smokers), so I'd rather not make a total ass out of myself by having a negative reaction. What should or shouldn't I do to make this an awesome time that I won't regret?
    Thanks for your time :D
  2. don't do it. my brother died of a marijuana overdose, it's just not worth it. think of your family
  3. Most pot heads, stoners, weed smokers, whatever you want to call them are welcoming to the new smokers. Just tell them that this is your first time smoking and they will most likely help you through the process of smoking, and how to chill and shit like that.

    Just try to be as comfortable as possible when you start smoking. That's all the advice I can give you.
  4. What this guy said. I smoked weed, and then I dropped out of school and got addicted to heroin. Its a gateway drug, it causes cancer, and it kills braincells.
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    You cannot overdose on marijuana.
  6. Be serious guys. My first time smoking I didn't get high, probably because of incorrect inhalation, the same might happen to you, since you've never smoked anything. Alcohol could help if you do get high, I doubt you'd go into a panic attack but the alcohol would probably stop it from happening.

  7. [​IMG]

  8. You cannot understand sarcasm.
  9. My first time i smoked a crazy bong its not really that bad and i have smoked since 12 and im graduating this year
  10. Well first off is you'll be extremely giggly and hungry, maybe even annoying since it's your first time and all.
    But if you're really not comfortable with those guys then don't even do it. I've found that even if I feel weird around or don't like the people I just feel weird, and don't like it.
    Deff don't drink too. Especially since it's your first time smoking, it's usually not very fun at all.
  11. yea first time i didn't get high either just chill and dont think too much of it once everyones blazed it'll just be pretty chill and dont try to take too big of a hit or you'll be coughing up a lung which could actually make you puke
  12. do NOT tell them it is your first time

    chances are there will be atleast one douche bag that will harass you about it
  13. go for it. ive seen like thousands of high people, and only one has ever freaked out. a friend of mine, hed smoke and freak out, but liked smoking, so he did it all the time.
  14. DO IT, it's a great experience :smoke:
  15. Weed is natural its not harmful and deff not addictive like some fags think
  16. Drinking and smoking is amazing.but only if u know what ur doing and u know what to feel, and how it works.i read up on any drugs before i try them, u should to. I would try smoking but unless one of ur parrnts smoke in the house, it is gonna burn ur throat like a motherfucker.but yeah if i were u i would try it and just relax, laugh a lot, maybe drink a little.but alcohol will increase ur high a lot.and if u have never smoked before u probly wont see it coming and once it hits u u will probably freak out
  17. Smoking and using adderall fucks you up haha
  18. trollsamania @ first and third post.
    youll be fine just let em know its your first time and chill. take like 2 - 3 hits, wait 5 minutes see how you feel and if you want more go for it. just make sure you inhale.
  19. Make sure you actually take the hit down to your lungs if you try it. Once you have the smoke in your mouth suck all the air you can in hold it 3-7 seconds exhale. You might not get high, and then again you might.
    As for drinking at the same time for the 1st time, I like to think of gettin crunk like this:
    Alcohol spins your head around the sides, and being high at the same time spins your head around from front to back, so you get kinda messed up to say the least.
    I used to puke majorly when I would smoke after a hard night of partying, but eventually after you smoke more you will be able to understand what the effects are and how you react to them.
  20. you should tell them you're new. that way they can give you tips on how to do it. if you try to act like an experienced smoker, it will be extremely obvious, and then you'll look like an asshole lol. just be honest, smokers are usually cool as shit

    and most importantly, if you don't get tips on how to smoke it, you probably won't get high. bummer!

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